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Which RV to Choose for Travel and Life on the Road

I’m constantly asked which vehicle or trailer to choose when making a decision to take your camera and life on the road. My answer never varies. Here it is. There are a lot of articles out there with one view or the other on what type of recreational vehicle you should choose for travel. I’ve […]

Journal: December 18, 1996 – Friday the 13th The Journey Begins

The following is a draft of chapter one of our book, Home is Where Lorelle Is about what started as a one year life on the road experience that turned into almost 16 years living on the road traveling across the planet. “What you’ve done becomes the judge of what you’re going to do — […]

Is Your Trailer Worth a Million Dollars?

Is your trailer worth a million dollars? What about your motor home? How would you like your trailer to be worth a million dollars? According to a CNN report (print version), residents of a trailer park in Florida are preparing to sell their trailers and trailer lots to a developer for more than a million […]

Fixing RV Water Damage

Water damage from moisture inside and leaks outside can do amazing damage on an RV, especially an older one. Phrannie’s Handling Moisture in RVs article is a great indepth, step-by-step description of what to look for in every part and piece of your trailer, motor home, or van to stop the drips, leaks, rot, mold, […]

Trailers for Hurricane Victims

I found this posted by allthatjazz01 Coffee Talk on her AOL blog: Driving south on I57 from Indianapolis, we noticed that every fifth vehicle was a new travel trailer towed by a pick up truck. At first I thought there must be a lot of campers till I realized that these trailers were going to […]

Something’s Rotting in Here

When we are in the middle of stress, sometimes it helps to write, other times, like recently, I sit down at the computer and start to write and tears come and then sobs, and then the dry heaves. So I procrastinate, hoping that time will help me deal with the emotions with more perspective, allowing […]

RV parts, manuals, surplus and salvage locations

If you are looking to find trailer, motor home, or even mobile home parts, pieces, and manuals for RV refridgerators, hot water heaters, stoves, ovens, sinks, water tanks, showers, toilets, heaters, air conditioners, electrical systems, generators, and all other parts that make an RV a portable home, instead of buying new, try surplus and salvage […]

Freedom Roads RV Retailer Announces Miracle Miles

FreedomRoads, the nation’s largest RV retailer, today announced that it has created an arm of the company named Miracle Miles that will provide funding to charitable organizations. It is projected that Miracle Miles will distribute in excess of $1 million per year. Miracle Miles will be an associate-driven and administered organization which will encourage expansion […]

Storage Tips for RVs

Living in a small space, especially one the size of most American bathrooms, combined with the fact that the small space isn’t standing still all the time, well, storage can be complicated. It isn’t a matter of where to put things, but how, why, and will it fall down and hit someone in the head […]

If It’s Going to Break Down, It Will Invariably Happen in a Small Town On a Saturday Night

It never fails. In fact, you can count on it. If it’s going to break down it will invariably happen in a small town on a Saturday night. Every time. The corollary is that it the greater the hurry you are in, the longer it will take to get the parts. We’ve traveled 60,000 miles […]