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10 Ways To Make Your Web Site Work Harder For You

SCORE offers a great article on 10 Ways To Make Your Web Site Work Harder For You. It is must read for website administrators and owners. I especially love the tip “Focus the Home Page and Product Pages on Your Customers’ Interests, Not Yours”. That’s a really good reminder. Tips include: Make Sure Your Site […]

Clearfix CSS Hack: Solving Stair Stepping Images

While I deal with this and other design issues I had with my site in the article WordPress Tips and Tricks – Template Files, Styles, and Themes, the issue keeps coming up. So I decided we needed to address it specifically. What to do when images start shoving other images round? Generally, we try to […]

Going Extinct: The Writers Bump

Did you know that the Writer’s Bump is about to become extinct? I hadn’t thought about this in years and was tickled to learn of the Writer’s Bump being threatened. And what is threatening it? The computer, of course. For those who don’t know (people under the age of 25), the Writer’s Bump or callous […]

Know Before You Go: Store Digital Photographs on the Go

Today’s traveling photographer who has embraced the world of digital technology doesn’t need to worry about film going through airport security scanners or expiring. All they have to worry about is storage space. That’s right, storage space. Once limited to 36-38 photographs on a roll of film, digital photographers can now take hundreds of pictures […]

Know Before You Go: Translate Web Pages

Often, the best information about a place comes from a website written in the language of the place. You can now translate most web pages into the major languages of the world. Heading for Germany? Spain? Russia? Sweden? Want to read the news or web pages written in that language so you can find out […]

NPR Now has Feeds and Podcasting

I’m working on a new article for the site on the impact of NPR and BBC on travelers for getting access to worldwide information while traveling, so imagine my delight in discovering that NPR now offers feeds!!! AND…podcasting. Wonderful. BBC has offered feeds for a while but now NPR has embraced the modern equivalent of […]

Search WordPress Codex and Forum from the Admin Panels

WARNING: This Plugin is no longer working under WordPress 2+. It is currently not supported, though the author may be contacted if you are interested in taking over support of this Plugin. To search the Codex, visit it directly and use the search function. As one of the many volunteers helping give back to the […]

Nanotech Moves Closer to Cure for Cancers and More

While our site is about travel, nature photography, and life on the road, and the use of the computer to make life easier on the road, every once in a while I stumble across a piece of news that is so exciting, I just have to share it. Wired News reports Nanotech Moves Closer to […]

Keyboard of the Future?

Personally, as soon as they restructure the disaster of the layout of normal keyboards into something ergonomic and more intutitive, the computer will be limited. But here is a step in the right direction. Optimus keyboard by Artemy Lebedev has been announced. This is the design prototype and the finished version is due out in […]

Feeds for the Traveler and You

The term “feeds” is not about eating. It is about “feeding” you information from the web that you need to help you as you travel on the road or on the Internet. A “feed” or “webfeed” is a term for delivering summaries of web content, such as web pages, news, press releases, and other content […]

WordPress Backup Week July 23-30 – Get Backed Up

WordPress is celebrating blog security and protection with WordPress Backup Week July 23-30. WordPress, one of the most popular blogging and website management tools, is sponsoring WordPress Backup Week July 23-30. Step-by-step backup instructions will be available in the online manual, the WordPress Codex, and online in the WordPress Support Forum to help you through […]

Customizing the WordPress Loop for Excerpt Queries

I talk a lot about the powerful features and ability to customize WordPress on our site. One of the behind the scenes power WordPress “tricks”, if you will, featured on our site is found on our site’s front page. It involves some queries that ask several rather uniquely styled questions, and generates what you see […]

CNET – Top 10 downloads of the past 10 years

Began in 1996, when we hit the road full time, C|net’s CNET Download offers free downloads of shareware and freeware applications. They are the largest source of such software products and continue to offer us some of the best programs through their online software distribution service. Their Top 10 Downloads for the Past 10 Years […]

WordPress Feed Titles

I’ve been trying to create a list of the various feeds available on my site. I created such a list but when my feed reader scans the page for feeds, it lists every single one with the title of my site. This would be fine, but I wanted the title to reflect the names of […]

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

Well, the news is full of the news. The sixth Harry Potter book is out, “Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince”. Millions of the book are expected to be sold within the next few hours around the world. A bookstore in Canada released the book early by “mistake” and an court order was issued “banning […]