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Nightmare Upgrade of WordPress 2

I apologize in advance for the nightmare conditions of Taking Your Camera on the Road. I’m in the middle of an upgrade from hell with the latest version of WordPress. Every time I turn around, I’m finding more problems. If you spot any problems, errors, or odd things, please let me know so I can […]

Using CSS to Create a Photo Gallery

I have quite a few examples in my CSS Experiments on showcasing your photographs, as a single image or in a gallery format, and I found a very simple, easy-to-understand explanation of how to use CSS to create a photo gallery from Web Reference. With this article I hope to show you how to produce […]

Writing I’m Most Proud of in 2005

As a professional writer, writing on a wide variety of topics, I posted this article and list of the my favorite articles that I wrote in 2005 on my other website, Lorelle on WordPress, and I thought I’d share it here. But before I do, I wanted to say that of the writing I’ve done […]

Clearfix CSS Hack: Solving Stair Stepping Images

While I deal with this and other design issues I had with my site in the article WordPress Tips and Tricks – Template Files, Styles, and Themes, the issue keeps coming up. So I decided we needed to address it specifically. What to do when images start shoving other images round? Generally, we try to […]

Search WordPress Codex and Forum from the Admin Panels

WARNING: This Plugin is no longer working under WordPress 2+. It is currently not supported, though the author may be contacted if you are interested in taking over support of this Plugin. To search the Codex, visit it directly and use the search function. As one of the many volunteers helping give back to the […]

WordPress Backup Week July 23-30 – Get Backed Up

WordPress is celebrating blog security and protection with WordPress Backup Week July 23-30. WordPress, one of the most popular blogging and website management tools, is sponsoring WordPress Backup Week July 23-30. Step-by-step backup instructions will be available in the online manual, the WordPress Codex, and online in the WordPress Support Forum to help you through […]

Customizing the WordPress Loop for Excerpt Queries

I talk a lot about the powerful features and ability to customize WordPress on our site. One of the behind the scenes power WordPress “tricks”, if you will, featured on our site is found on our site’s front page. It involves some queries that ask several rather uniquely styled questions, and generates what you see […]

WordPress Feed Titles

I’ve been trying to create a list of the various feeds available on my site. I created such a list but when my feed reader scans the page for feeds, it lists every single one with the title of my site. This would be fine, but I wanted the title to reflect the names of […]

WordPress Tips and Tricks – WordPress Plugins

There are a lot of WordPress Plugins I can’t live without. And I love talking about them, because the more I talk about them, the more people will learn about how awesome WordPress plugins are, and maybe, just maybe, the WordPress developers will see how useful they are and put them into the core code. […]

WordPress Tips and Tricks – Template Files, Styles, and Themes

I’ve put together a collection of WordPress tips and tricks, a three part series that looks at the various tips and tricks I discovered while turning over my entire site to the management of WordPress software. In Part One of my WordPress Tips and Tricks Collection, tips and tricks were offered for dealing with the […]

Taking Notes in WordPress

Updated July 7, 2005 I was using a notes plugin which I talk about below, then Chris J. Davis came up with an EVEN BETTER mousetrap for taking notes in WordPress. I love it when competition makes life better for everyone. Chris J. Davis’s WordPress Notepad Plugin takes the concept of “taking notes” in WordPress […]

WordPress Tips and Tricks – Administration Panels

As I developed my WordPress site, I found a lot of tips and tricks along the way. While I’ve written about the more extensive ones, I wanted to share a bunch of the smaller tips to help you with your WordPress site. We start with the WordPress Administration Panel. Administration Panel While the WordPress Administration […]

Our Website Design

DESIGNERS MUST SEE THIS! If you are considering designing a web page, or if you have ever designed a web page, check out this wonderful series on the evolution of a website from Webreference. You will learn more about what it takes to create, maintain, and establish a successful web page than you will ever […]

Living in an 800×600 World

My laptop’s motherboard gave up the ghost and had to be shipped out for repair. That left me with two choices: Using Brent’s laptop, or hooking up my new rebuilt server/desktop and borrowing an old monitor from a friend. I went with the latter. I’ve been living for over two weeks in an 800×600 world […]

WordPress Codex Cleanup Week

As part of my ongoing efforts to volunteer within the WordPress Community, to give back a little for the fabulous software program I use, I’ve been working for the past few months to create a “Codex Cleanup Week” from June 18 – June 26. During the entire week there will be plenty to do to […]