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The Search is on – Using Search Engines

A search engine is software on the internet that searches web sites and collects information on the web site and stores it in a giant database. When you use a search engine, it is not actually searching the Internet for the information you want, it is merely going through its database to find what it […]

Searching the Internet

This section will cover three of the most popular techniques used for searching the Internet with search engines. These three techniques will work on most search engines, but not all. If in doubt, click on the link to HELP or ADVANCED SEARCH on the search engine main web page to find out what your usage […]

Shopping on the Internet

There are a lot of things to do on the Internet, and shopping is one of the most fun. You can buy just about anything you want on the Internet. The problem is getting it shipped to you. Living overseas can make this difficult if the company you want to order from won’t ship overseas, […]

Internet Tips and Tricks Shortcuts

Page designed with “tables” prepared for printing. Click PRINT to print a copy of this page. Editing Shortcuts Movements Copy Ctrl + C Go to your Home page ALT+HOME Paste Ctrl + V Move to the beginning of a document HOME Cut Ctrl + X Move to the end of a document END Select from […]

Web Page Plots

This section covers how a web page works and how to find the information you want on a web page. Remember that the way a web page looks is determined by the people who create them. Some have wonderful, easy to read and understand designs. Others are clunky and look like bad term papers. By […]