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Are You Still Paying for International Phone Calls?

According to a recent Harris Interactive/Rebtel Research Study, smart phone and web users are idiots and spending money they don’t have to call internationally. Despite the number of free web services available to make international calls, US smartphone owners are shelling out close to $37.8 billion a year to keep in touch with foreign contacts. […]

Microsoft Free Program – Virtual WIFI

I’ve started researching more information for you on wireless or WIFI networks to help you stay in touch on the road, and I ran across a very interesting free software program from Microsoft that expands your WIFI coverage, Virtual WIFI – Connecting to multiple IEEE 802.11 networks with one WiFi card. VirtualWiFi is a virtualization […]

Intel and Boeing Connexion Teaming Up to Brand Wireless Hotspots

In a report on Flight Tech Online, Connexion by Boeing and Intel Working to Make Airplanes “Hotspots”, Boeing Connexion, developer of the wireless broadband Internet services being installed on airplanes around the world for passengers to have in-flight wireless access to the Internet with their WIFI devices, is teaming up with Intel’s Centrino mobile technology, […]

Know Before You Go: WIFI in Flight Under Attack by FBI

One of the hottest tickets in the travel business is the new WIFI service onboard international airlines that is growing so fast, the airlines can’t get the technology onboard fast enough to keep up with their own interest and enthusiasm. How do I know? My husband, Brent, works as a DER and structural engineer for […]