with Lorelle and Brent VanFossen


The VanFossen trailer in Alaska. Photo by Lorelle VanFossenTake two photographers, four cameras, a stack of field guides, and a spoiled old cat. Put them in a 30 foot fifth wheel trailer, well greased. Mix in 50,000 120,000 miles, 1500 2800 rolls of film, a new transmission, 6 14 tires, 6,000 thousands of gallons of gas, a 2 cracked windshields, 14 24 oil changes, 2 6 tune-ups, 2 sets of spark plug wires, 2 new truck brakes, 1 computer monitor, 3 12 hard drives, and a 3 motherboards. Pour through 23 34 National Parks, 26 36 states and provinces and stir for 22 months. Bake in the Florida sunshine then freeze in the Canadian Rockies. Defrost and sweat for a year in North Carolina and then pour into a new mold in Israel. Shake and bake them in the Middle East for five years, then leave them sweating in Mobile, Alabama, then cooling their heels in Portland, Oregon, until….well, with this recipe – who knows?

The end result is two people who still love each other, 70,000 endless photographs and more experiences and lessons about life on the road than ever desired. We believe in learning from the mistakes of others and invite you to learn from our adventures, bungles and blunders, especially if you are planning to take your camera on the road. We invite you to learn from us within these web pages, which are part of our two upcoming books, “Taking Your Camera on the Road” and “Home Is Where Lorelle Is”.

On this site, which continues to change with web development evolution, you will find information on our Life on the Road travels, Photography, and Telling Stories of our life on the road and adventures.

Brent and I are professional nature and travel photographers, writers, and experts in our own fields. Brent is an aeronautical engineer, woodworker, furniture builder, and classical and fingerstyle guitarist. I’m a , writer, public speaker, and trainer on web publishing, as well as a web developer and consultant. We continue to travel extensively, even though we “settled” just outside Portland, Oregon, recently.

About the Taking Your Camera on the Road Website

This is one of the oldest personal websites in continuous operation since 1993-94. It was originally created as one of the first “home pages” on CompuServe with the Mosaic browser. As of 2000, there were more than 2,000 articles on the site, and it continues to grow. In 2003, it was among the earliest sites to be converted to , and one of the first to be imported directly from static HTML. It has long been a testing ground for new WordPress Plugins and advanced WordPress Theme development, called the first “WordPress Plugin Crash Test Dummy.”

Managing a site as old as this, sure, there have been a few bumps along the way, and a ton of lessons learned. When this site started, we connected to the Internet through dial-up, resorting to using an acoustic coupler and 300 feet of phone cord attached to a payphone at times, and “borrowing some Internet” along the road. Today, we connect through WIFI and cell phones around the world easily. We used to write HTML by hand from scratch on a blank notepad text editor. Today, we blog from with WordPress or through email or web and mobile apps, skipping most of the HTML code. This site has seen a lot over the years, and there is still more to come.