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Sunset and Forest Fires

Driving up towards Yosemite National Park in California, the sunset turned incredibly intense. Recent forest fires had left particulates in the air which turned the sunset intense reds and oranges. Brent VanFossen quickly pulled over, looking for any subject to frame as a silhouette against this vibrant backdrop of color and found he was in […]

No More Blurry, Out-of-Focus Photographs in Our Future?

Wired’s “Say Sayonara to Blurry Pics” says that out-of-focus and blurry photographs might be a thing of the past in the future: Ren Ng calls his creation the “light field camera” because of its ability to capture the quantity of light moving in all directions in an open space. It stems from early-20th-century work on […]

Hasselblad’s New 39 Megapixel Medium Format Camera – Wow!

Wow. Just Wow. The Tech News Net announces that “Hasselblad Introduces its New 39 Megapixel H2D-39 Digital Camera”. You read it right. Thirty-nine Megapixels. That’s huge. The camera’s CCD sensor is more than twice the size of conventional 35mm camera sensors (36.7 x 49.0 mm). At maximum resolution, the images captured by the H2D-39 in […]

Over and Under Exposure Digital Photography Tips

Photoshop Tutorials by Jennifer Apple offer tips and techniques for using Adobe Photoshop for adjusting overexposed and underexposed images, along with many other tips and techniques for using Photoshop with your photographs such as resizing images without blur and tips for beginners to help get you started using Photoshop. I’ll be looking for more websites […]

Smile for the Camera

Some of the technological advances being made in photography are wonderful, some are amazing, and some are silly. I’ll leave you to be the judge of the following, though I see its usefulness. The Canada Edmonton Journal reports in “Smile, the camera is waiting for you” that the Japanese have come up with a camera […]

Reduce Digital Noise in Digital Images

Photo.net has an interesting article on “Using Image Calibration to Reduce Noise in Digital Images” that is worth a read. While it is fairly dry, written more for academic purposes than get-to-the-point help, it still brings up some good tips and points worth understanding when using digital images. I believe that understanding the sources of […]

Xray Vision Lens Filter

Digital Photography Journal’s article, “See Through Lens” describes a new lens filter that let’s you have xray vision with your camera. Kaya Special Optics, Inc. is introducing a newly developed product called the “Infrared See-Through Filter PF. PF is a special optical device that helps to visually penetrate an object’s surface in order to view […]


Photoblogs are blogs dedicated to photography, but not usually a discussion of photography tips and techniques, but a showcase of photographers’ photography. An online gallery of photographs. You can find a lot of photoblogs at Photoblogs.org sorted by popularity, language, and more. Also check out The Photoblogs Blog for more information on how this works […]

Lost Images Found

What will people think of your photographs 50 or more years from now? Well, we have a rare chance to consider that question. The photographer and antique camera collector behind Westfordcomp, processed many rolls of film he found inside of old cameras he’s collected over the years. Film Found in Old Cameras showcases the images […]

Panoramic Views of Famous Places Around the World

Panoramic Photo Tours of World Famous Locations is a growing list of links to photographic panoramic views or photo tours of world famous locations such as Panoramic Photo Tour of Grand Canyon and the Colorado River, Milan’s Duomo Cathedral, The Last Supper of Leonardo Da Vinci, Panoramic Photo Tour Around Barcelona, and an amazing photo […]

Highspeed Photography

As nature photographers, we spend the majority of our time with our cameras on tripods photographing our subjects in low light in the early mornings and late afternoons, with a FAST shutterspeed of 250 impressing us. We’re more often at the moderate end of 1 second to 1/60th of a second, or with images like […]

Slides and Transparencies: Sleeve It

While a lot of professional photographers are going digital, don’t forget to take care of your original slide images when you send them off for publishing. Photo buyers are still accepting original images. Protect your images by enclosing them in individual plastic sleeves. These crystal clear, archival plastic sleeves slide over your transparencies and protect […]

Jim Zuckerman – Nature Photography Books

Jim Zuckerman, contributing editor to Petersen’s Photographic Magazine, is a master of all forms of photography, especially nature photography, though he loves pushing the limits with digital and studio manipulation. He has published many articles and books on his work, helping others learn various photographic techniques. As fans of his work for a very long […]

D.A. Woodward – Inventor of the Solar Camera

David Acheson Woodward played an important role in the art world in the United States, but is work in photography revolutionized this new art form. In this biography reporton BrightBytes, the life and work of Woodward, Photographic Educator and Inventor, is coverd extensively. In 1853 Woodward was elected Principle of the Drawing Department at the […]

Finding Photographic Inspiration Through Descriptive Words

Most people think of photography as a “visual” art. It is, but it also represents a “verbal” art form. Photograhy often expresses what most people hard find to say. One of the most popular email joke forwards that makes its rounds every month or so is the collection of animal pictures that express a lot […]