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Hasselblad’s New 39 Megapixel Medium Format Camera – Wow!

Wow. Just Wow. The Tech News Net announces that “Hasselblad Introduces its New 39 Megapixel H2D-39 Digital Camera”. You read it right. Thirty-nine Megapixels. That’s huge. The camera’s CCD sensor is more than twice the size of conventional 35mm camera sensors (36.7 x 49.0 mm). At maximum resolution, the images captured by the H2D-39 in […]

Xray Vision Lens Filter

Digital Photography Journal’s article, “See Through Lens” describes a new lens filter that let’s you have xray vision with your camera. Kaya Special Optics, Inc. is introducing a newly developed product called the “Infrared See-Through Filter PF. PF is a special optical device that helps to visually penetrate an object’s surface in order to view […]

The Visual History of the Nikon Camera

We’ve told you about a history of Nikon camera site, but now we’ve found a visual history of the evolution of the Nikon Camera. I’d love to have these photographs of every Nikon camera lead to a link about the story behind each camera, but it still is great to see how one camera body […]

Lens Perspective

Understanding lens perspective is critical to advanced photographic studies and skills. It is the skill of learning how the lens sees. For some, the concept of photography lens perspective is simple. The wider the lens the wider the view, the longer the lens the narrower the view. Yet, lens perspective is much more interesting and […]

Digital camera sales in Asia surge to record 10.6 million units in 2004

According to a news report republished on Yahoo News, Digital camera sales in Asia surge to record 10.6 million units in 2004. The article states that outside of Japan, sales of digital cameras is up almost 40 percent from the previous year. It seems that the majority of the demand for digital cameras is mostly […]

World’s Largest Disposable Camera Production Facility

Growing up next to the world’s largest building on one floor, Boeing’s manufacturing plant in Everett, Washington, which grew to more than double it’s size while I grew up, I can respect large production facilities. China and Kodak have just announced that Kodak has built the world’s largest disposable camera production base in Xiamen of […]

Equipment Lust: The Hunt for the Ideal Camera

The tools of a painter consist of paints, canvas and brushes. With paints there are thousands of colors and types to choose from: watercolor, oil, pastels, and more. Brushes are similar: nylon, horsehair, and a variety of natural fibers and synthetics, not to mention shapes and sizes. Canvases? Some like smooth surfaces, some rough, some […]

Equipment Lust – User Friendly Camera

Basic Elements in Good Equipment When shopping for a car you don’t always buy just for looks. You get in and test drive it. How does it handle? How do you feel behind the wheel? You get out and kick the tires, lift up the hood, check the trunk and storage areas. You read Consumer […]

Equipment Lust – Picking a Body

Most serious cameras offer features like complete manual control and interchangeable lenses. Four features we feel set a few camera bodies apart from the crowd are an easy to read meter, depth of field preview, mirror lock-up, a 100% viewfinder, and a cable release. These are critical tools for our photography. Meter The most useful […]

Equipment Lust – Accessories Can Make the Difference

Sharpness is essential to professional photographs, and the serious pros realize the business of photography is about beating the competition. Professional nature photographer, John Shaw, explains, “Since we are all using the same film, the same cameras, same lenses, how can I compete? Most of us are even photographing the same subjects! How can I […]

Equipment Lust – Pack It For Keeps

I just don’t understand it. We research and plan our camera purchase, saving up for that $800 lens and $1000 camera body, giving up eating out and other frivolous expenditures to have the perfect camera. Then we rush out to the local department store to spend $19.95 to carry it all. A camera bag is […]

Equipment Lust – Buying Used Equipment

If you are looking for used equipment, consider buying a brand with the widest range of accessories and product line. Nikon is one of the oldest and most popular in the used market because most of the old-style lenses work on new camera bodies. Some features of newer bodies may not be functional with older […]

Equipment Lust – Light Accessories

When we hit the road with our cameras, we plan carefully for all possibilities. We can’t anticipate everything, so we carry the following filters and accessories to enhance our “light opportunities”. Filters Filters are popular accessories, but use them wisely and carefully. They enhance, affect and change the image we see through the lens. There […]