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MOVED!!! We are now out of the trailer and into a brick and mortar (okay, wood, too) home outside of North Plains, Oregon, northwest of Portland by 30-40 minutes and one hour due east of the Ocean. As far as we are concerned (and the bank hopes), this is our final resting point.

We’ve not stopped traveling. In fact, I’m on the road 5-7 months a year on average. Now we have a real address and real residency, and a possibility to grow some roots. It’s a fascinating switch.

Thank you to everyone who has supported us and followed us around all these many years. Now, it’s your turn to come visit us. We’ve got lots of room.

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I do a lot of work with the WordPress Community as a volunteer and you can find a ton of answers to WordPress on . I also contribute a lot to the , the online manual for WordPress Users, where you can find even more answers.

Please try the following for WordPress help.

Please try those first, then search for the specific help you need on the web, as there are a lot of experts in WordPress offering tons of tips and help around the world. If you then decide to contact me directly, do know that I have to pay my bills with my expertise.

Guidelines for Contacting Us

We are still traveling and working long hours, so will respond to emails as soon as we can, but don’t be surprised if a week or more goes by as we may be away from the Internet on our travels.

We only have a few requests – consider them rules – about emailing us. If you know fellow travelers, these are the same rules they would thoroughly appreciate being honored when they are on the road. Remember, like the physical mailbox outside of your home, email boxes have sizes and when they are filled, there is no room for anything else, and no doorstep to leave the mail on. These rules are for the health and welfare of all travelers staying in touch on the road.

  • No Guest Blogging or Article Submissions Allowed: This is my site. I generate the content with the rare article by my husband or a family member. No guest blogging or article submission requests will be accepted, so don’t waste our time.
  • No Advertising Requests Accepted: While I may occasionally feature advertising and monetize this site, I do not accept any requests for ad programs, affiliate links, marketing, promotions, link baits, link exchanges, or any other schemes. Save both our time and do not make the request.
  • Save Space and Time: When we are traveling, our email accounts fill quickly because we don’t check it as frequently, so we ask everyone to NOT send graphics, attachments, jokes, sillies, or time wasters. We love jokes and laughing, but if you send us a joke or editorial, make sure it is appropriate for us, and please don’t send us something just because it made you laugh. We get so much email, it’s frustrating when 80% are forwarded jokes and not business. If you are sending an email with an attachment or graphic, please keep the file size of the email down to below 30K.
  • We Like Pretty Pictures – But Don’t Send Us Pretty Pictures: DO NOT SEND PHOTOS! We love looking at your pretty pictures, but we don’t have time to evaluate and critique them without a written request in advance. If you would like us to comment on your photography or writing, please email us a web page address featuring the material, tell us how “gentle” you would like our comments and critique, and we will do our best to respond.
  • Keep Email Plain: As much fun as it is to make email look like pretty stationery or sheets of notepaper, please avoid using all the graphics and pretty pictures provided with most email programs today. We are interested in what you have to say, not how pretty your “paper” might be.
  • Do keep in touch!: We miss our friends and family a lot and we miss hearing about their daily lives, the good and the bad. Many people consider forwarding jokes when they want frequent contact with others, but we are traditionalists. Please skip the joke and tell us how you are really doing and what you are up to with your life. We want to know. It’s important to us to keep our friendships even though our bodies are separated by distance.

How to Contact Us

Use our comment form below:

If you are in a hurry to contact us, you can also get us the old fashioned ways – though remember, new WordPress contacts are by email only not phone:

Cell: 503-809-1277

Brent and Lorelle VanFossen
VanFossen Productions
26950 NW Dorland Road
North Plains, OR 97133 USA

In Israel Mobile, Alabama Gaston, Oregon North Plains, Oregon:
Okay, so we’ve stopped moving our address around for a while. The above address will reach us.


  • Posted December 31, 2006 at 21:37 | Permalink

    Hi Lorelle,

    Wish you a Very Happy and Prosperous New Year! I have learnt a lot from you, about conversations, about expressions. I want to take this opportunity to wish good health and peace of mind for you and your family.

    You are my first guide, or rather a teacher, whom I have never met. I wonder if I would have continued blogging if I had not read your articles. I will look forward to more learning. Thankyou.

  • ben
    Posted January 4, 2007 at 22:08 | Permalink

    i notice that u have disblaled the right click on your page im amator photographer won’t to put some pictors on the web and i won’t to now how u did it. i like all the photos i have seen

  • Posted January 5, 2007 at 1:01 | Permalink

    I explain the javascript that does this in “Our HTML and CSS Codes – Our Javascripts“, but it really doesn’t work. If you want to display images on the web, then you run the risk of having someone steal them, no matter what you do. My warning is like locking the door to your house. It won’t stop someone from breaking in, but it will make it a little more frustrating.

    I recommend you don’t do it, but make your copyright notices visible and clear and fight for your copyrights when you find your images have been stolen.

    Thanks and good luck.

  • arnaz mistry
    Posted January 9, 2007 at 0:56 | Permalink

    Hi, I’m from India I love travelling and photography and would love to work with you if you have any work for me. Please consider. Thanks.

  • Posted January 9, 2007 at 1:29 | Permalink

    I do not hire photographers. I am hired by companies, magazines, and other sources as a professional nature and travel photographer.

    Good luck.

  • Monk
    Posted January 22, 2007 at 21:58 | Permalink

    Hi, Just seen the Kaya PF4 filter on your website. I have a Olympus E 500. Can you tell me if this filter is compatable with my camera & were I can purchase one.

    Regards Monk

  • Posted January 22, 2007 at 22:48 | Permalink

    I am not familiar with Olympus cameras. Sorry.

  • Will
    Posted January 25, 2007 at 18:13 | Permalink

    Hi there,
    Haven’t been on your site for a while but I just read about your dad passing away. I met you two in Mobile at Mardi Gras in 2006. I was the one with the grab stick and cowbell.
    I am sorry to hear about your dad, but I am glad to know you two got to spend some great times together prior to his passing. Those memories will carry you a long way.
    Take care.

  • Posted January 25, 2007 at 21:07 | Permalink


    I was hoping I’d be in Alabama this year for Mardi Gras, and my father even said he’d come back for the fun. But we just moved to Oregon and I’m still unpacking and coping.

    Have a great time for both of us, in memory of my father and of the fantastic time we shared. I believe that our time together was the last really great laughing romp my father had. Thank for and your wonderful friends for the gift and the magic.

    You are the best! Thanks.

  • Posted January 31, 2007 at 22:53 | Permalink

    Hw Lorelle! I hope you are settling in after your move. I interviewed Peter Harkins, the programmer of Sociable – I thought you might like to make a post and share it with your audience. Thanks.


  • Posted March 9, 2007 at 20:07 | Permalink

    Hi Lorelle,

    I’m a database developer but a newbie to WP.

    1. How do I find a theme that I like? The number of them is overwhelming. When I go to: http://themes.wordpress.net/
    I see black rectangles where the screenshots should be. Am I doing something wrong?

    2. The official wordpress.org website has lessons on it but there are dozens of tiny lessons. Is there anyplace to download a large WP tutorial/document as a PDF, print it out and work with?

    Thanks a lot!


    P.S. I’m a fulltime RVer

  • Posted March 11, 2007 at 2:37 | Permalink

    I recommend you read How Do You Choose a WordPress Theme?, one of my articles on my WordPress dedicated blog. There were PDF files for the articles, but only one at a time. The WordPress Lessons in the WordPress Codex were designed to be short and simple for easy printing and working on the specific areas that you are working on.

    I also recommend you read ZePrez WordPress Video Guides for a collection of video guides which may also help you.

    I’m glad I’m not alone. We’re celebrating 12 years on the road this year.

  • Steve
    Posted April 19, 2007 at 14:12 | Permalink

    I may be interested in using your _good_ beaver-in-lodge photo from Playing Photo Detective in an exhibit (non-profit, educational). Please contact me about getting a reasonably high-resolution version and rights.


  • Sheila Jordan
    Posted May 4, 2007 at 5:14 | Permalink

    Hi Lorelle & Brent, I’m so impressed with you! I have hundreds of images & need help to sell and want to also ask…do you know who might have a grant available for someone like me to help get published and perhaps go “on the road”. I am 60, divorced & have MUCH PASSION for photography. We are all connected.I lost my Father 40 years ago tragicly. Keep your Father with you in memory and his photo. He will always be with you.When you see and feel yourself, you see and feel your Father. After all, you are genetically connected. Well wishes for your safety and happiness.Sheila Jordan

  • Posted May 4, 2007 at 13:21 | Permalink

    Thanks for the kind words. I don’t know of any grants as I don’t work with any. As for helping you get on the road, it means leaving everything you’ve ever known before and breaking contacts with friends and family for extended periods of time. It means hard work and embracing change in a way you may not have experience before – at least not in the same way. “Flexibility” means dealing with change and making fast decisions 24 times a day. ;-)

    There are a lot of books out there to help you get going with life on the road, and I recommend the ones I’ve featured in our Recommended Books section on travel and travel photography.

    I encourage everyone, especially those under 40 years old, to get out and live in a foreign country or live “on the road” literally for at least a year before they move on with the next stage of their life. I think the world we live on would be filled with wiser folks.

    As for those over 40, do it now. It’s physically and mentally exhausting to live on the road without a lot of financial backing and preparation. But go for it, whatever your dream is.

  • Posted May 15, 2007 at 6:38 | Permalink

    I’ve seen your page and I am interested in finding an answer in my problem.Maybe you can help me.I have a website powered by wordpress and I have a problem: the site loads perfectly in firefox,opera etc but in internet explorer it looks like crap.The header goes under the sidebar and so on.How can I change this thing?Please answer me.I am trying to get an answer for months…

    Waiting you answer!

    Best regards!

  • Posted May 15, 2007 at 11:54 | Permalink

    Let’s see. You have a couple of options. First, force the world to use Firefox. Second, force Microsoft to practice what they preach and meets web standards. OR….

    You have to find the fix in IE. I recommend you check Yahoo CSS Grids for a layout that words and then tweak it to your needs. The sidebar issue is a spacing/margin/padding issue and it takes a lot of work to figure out which parts and pieces need which number of pixels to line things up. Go with one already set and you don’t have to worry.

  • Posted June 8, 2007 at 13:10 | Permalink

    Hi Lorelle:

    Since i discovered your blog, i’m a daily visitor. I’m new in the blogsphere, but your ideas and tips helped me a lot.


  • Posted September 15, 2007 at 5:26 | Permalink

    Hi Lorelle,

    I love your photography, especially the insect macros! I am also a photographer and nature enthusiast. I just found out about your photos – all this time I’ve been reading your WordPress blog I had no idea!

    Thank you for providing such a vast amount of up-to-date and useful blogging information. I’ve been a reader for about three months now. Whenever I visit your site I usually end up with a million firefox tabs open, if you know what I mean…

    I am currently in the planning stages of a new web project and I would really appreciate your honest opinions (I’m not looking for link exchanges or anything of that nature). If you are interested in reading more details please email me and I will reply. If you are too busy I totally understand.

    Have a great week!

    Alex Ramon.

  • Posted November 12, 2007 at 11:30 | Permalink

    Hi Lorelle,

    My name is Frank Vitetta and my company wordsfinder.com is about to launch a wordpress plug in to automatically generate meta data, tags for your blog post. As wordpress expert would you like to try the plug in ?
    It doesn’t cost anything and it would be great to get your feedback.

    Please let me know if you are interested and I will get you an API key, you can download the code from our website.

    All the best,


  • Posted November 24, 2007 at 14:07 | Permalink

    I was at the ABWA meeting in Everette, WA, where you gave a presentation. I am the one who took your picture. I am working my way thru your bok, this is a whole new ballgame for me. Now all I have to do is hook up the dots.
    I hope ThaksGiving was a good one, God Bless and have a Blessed Month.
    Dan B

  • Posted November 25, 2007 at 11:21 | Permalink

    Good luck with the process, Dan. I had a great time at the meeting and I do hope the chapters will get involved in blogging, as well as its members, since there is so much they have to share with the world on their expertise and experiences.

    Check out the articles I write on Lorelle on WordPress to learn all the basics of blogging to help you.


  • Posted November 28, 2007 at 18:22 | Permalink

    Hi Lorelle! I wanted to thank you for giving me advice earlier about the site I set up to fight sploggers. You are right. Linking in anyway, regardless of my intention wont help.

    I deleted the site and will report the ones who scrape me until I probably get tired of it. It’s a shame that this stuff happens so much.

    I see you are in the Gulf Coast area! I live in Long Beach, Mississippi…so this is my home. Have fun! Thanks again:)

  • Posted November 29, 2007 at 10:41 | Permalink

    Thanks for the kind words and I’m always willing to help. As the first paragraph on this page says, I’m no longer living on the Gulf Coast. We live on the road so we are rarely in one place for long. Our base is now in Oregon. I am thankful to be out of the heat!

  • Risa Blair
    Posted November 30, 2007 at 12:31 | Permalink

    Dear Lorelle & Brent!

    I hope you are happy and healthy! I would love to hear from you.

    Risa & Gordy

  • Posted December 3, 2007 at 11:06 | Permalink

    Dear Lorelle & Brent,

    Loves your work.


  • Lee
    Posted January 10, 2008 at 2:27 | Permalink

    HI Lorelle,
    I kind of need your help. I briefly read your article on stealing content. I think this happened to me today and I am quite devastated. It’s kind of a tricky dilemma actually…
    This website hired me to write beauty articles for them and made me a deal of $500 per month to write 30 articles. I agreed to this “deal.” Anyway, I specifically asked the head editor to include my name on all of my articles as it is a greater reward for me than money. I worked so darn hard on my content, that if my name is not acknowledged on my work, then I feel like I did all of that effort in vain.
    Well, they did not include my name in any of my articles, and they already published like 6 of my articles. The other 6 or 7 that I wrote so far were not posted because I included some personal anecdotes in the article, and I believe they didn’t post them on purpose for that reason.
    So anyway, the articles that ARE posted look like the head editor wrote them because her picture is displayed right next to it. I’m infuriated as you can imagine.
    I did email this individual my issue, but I just need some professional advice as to what I should do and handle the situation in case she doesn’t respond to my email. Please please please help me!


    Lee Ann

  • Posted January 10, 2008 at 18:57 | Permalink

    This is an issue of work for hire. Was copyright set in the contract and agreement? If you wrote that many articles for that little money (you were ripped off from the very beginning, dear, so the rest is just…shall I say typical and what could you expect from those stealing from you already), and if copyright wasn’t included in the agreement, then you are stuck as you “gave” them the articles for money. Without clarity, it could be argued that they bought the content exclusively – to do with what they will.

    Depending upon what is in writing, you may have no claim other than failure to comply with your request for acknowledgment and linkage. You can’t scream copyright unless it was set in the terms of the agreement.

    Welcome to the real world of writing. NEVER give away your work like that as it hurts those of us who depend upon writing to pay our bills. We compete against you, who give their work away for practically nothing.

    NEVER give away your work, paid or otherwise, without clear copyright agreements and a method of arbitration set, so you can have an avenue to deal with such disputes. You shot yourself in the foot when you made this agreement, it seems, so this might have to be a lessons learned.

    Find the mailing address and write them a formal letter. Contact your attorney, or find one, for consultation if this really gets you angry. Get an injunction that stops them from publishing the rest of your articles as they did not comply with your agreement.

    As heartbreaking as this is, this is just a day in the life of a writer who doesn’t get a good agreement in hand before handing over their work. I’m sorry, but I’ve been through this many times, and I work hard to teach others not to suffer as I have for making these same mistakes. Be wiser, but life goes on. And never do this again.

  • Lee
    Posted January 14, 2008 at 4:35 | Permalink

    Hi Lorelle,
    Thank you very much for the advice. I truly appreciate it.
    Fortunately, after I sent this head editor a very firm email, she complied with my request and added my name to the articles after all.
    My dad also told me that $500 for 30 articles was exploitation. In your personal opinion, what would you charge per article? My dad suggested I charge $50 per article (I thought that was a little much), but I need a second opinion from someone who knows this stuff (like you).
    Also, do you think I should stop writing for them (even though they fixed the problem). The thing is, I still don’t fully trust them. I’m just wondering what YOU would do in this situation? I appreciate your candidness.

  • Posted January 14, 2008 at 15:03 | Permalink

    $50? You think that’s too much? How many hours did you spend coming up with one idea and writing and editing the article to prepare it for publishing? One hour? three? four? six? eight? How much is your time worth? $10 an hour? $20? $50? That’s up to you. But if it took you 4 hours to write an article you sell for $50? your time is worth $12.50. In some parts of the world? that’s a day’s pay. In others? it’s less than a hour’s worth. You have to decide for you what you are worth? but let me tell you that I’m making the same per hour writing as I did 25 years ago because beginners keep giving away their writing for free or near nothing and I have to compete with that. This isn’t a business to get rich in? trust me.

    STOP writing for them. It only gives you grief and you make no money or credits with such things. Blog your own expertise and make your own money. Guest blog for pros who deserve your free contributions? and build up your own resume of quality writing and let them come to you? but choose carefully? and get paid what you are worth.

    That’s what I have done and you should do. Don’t cheat yourself nor your work. Good luck and you’ve done well.

  • Posted January 14, 2008 at 16:16 | Permalink

    Hi Lorelle,

    I’ve been searching around the blogosphere for a while now trying to find a solution to my wordpress problem but I am having no luck! I know you are busy but I was wondering if you might know the answer. On my latest post, it says “Comments (0)” even though when you click on the comment link, there are 14 comments. It even says “No responses to (post name)” just above the first comment!

    I am not running Spam Karma and I tried switching briefly to the default theme but that didn’t fix anything. I also wrote about this at the support forums, but I thought while I waited to see if someone is going to reply, I’d keep searching around for help.

    If you could help me I would really appreciate it.


  • Posted January 14, 2008 at 16:18 | Permalink

    I just realised this is a photography blog – I got here by following your “contact us” link on your Lorelle on WordPress blog – I do apologise that this is off-topic, I didn’t realise the blog “niche” had changed!

  • Lee
    Posted January 14, 2008 at 16:26 | Permalink

    Thanks so much Lorelle! Your advice and wisdom is very valuable. The time it takes me to put together an article fluctuates. Sometimes its 2 hours, sometimes its 4-5 hours. But everything you said is right. Thanks again!!

  • Posted January 14, 2008 at 18:28 | Permalink

    Katie: Your best bet is to wait for an answer from the WordPress Support Forum. The issue could be that you haven’t upgraded WordPress, the Theme hasn’t been upgraded to match your version of WordPress, a Plugin problem, or if you’ve messed with your Theme lately which could result in an error elsewhere. I have no idea how to answer as you haven’t provided enough information, but the WordPress Support Forum would be the best place as they have more time and experience to answer your question personally.

  • Posted January 27, 2008 at 13:48 | Permalink

    Hi Lorelle, Loved your snowguitar! We need to talk soon?? Saw what you wrote about John’s concert and blogging, very cool. I have added new blogs to my blog…loved the wonderful things you said to me. It helped me understand myself more. love love , Deirdra

  • freeman
    Posted February 12, 2008 at 20:03 | Permalink

    hi dear Lorelle
    thanks for your usefull guides
    good luck

  • Posted February 14, 2008 at 10:13 | Permalink

    Just trying to let you know that the date/clock on your blog “Lorelle on WordPress” must be way off. It’s the only the 14th, but your latest post, which has been there for at least several days, is dated February 20th.

    Otherwise, it’s a great blog. I just discovered it a few days ago.

  • Posted February 27, 2008 at 9:25 | Permalink

    Thank you for your attempt to let me know. I put an announcement about the server glitch on that blog as soon as I spotted the problem. And good on you for paying such close attention to details. :D Many people missed it.

  • Posted May 5, 2008 at 2:09 | Permalink

    Hi Lorelle,
    I have recently set up my first wordpress site (and my first website into the bargain!) and just wanted to let you know that your site “Lorelle on WordPress” has been VERY useful during this process! Many Thanks!
    All the best,

  • Linda Martinson
    Posted May 8, 2008 at 9:32 | Permalink

    Hello — I appreciate your articles and advice very much. Question: what should be done to protect camera gear and computers left behind when hiking, sightseeing etc. I don’t like to leave it either in the car or in the room. I thought about one of those security webs that backpackers use — wraps around the backpack and then is cabled to a tree, for example. Or leave stuff at front desk or check? Any ideas from anyone?

    Thanks Linda from Atlanta Traveling around Alaska for 5 weeks this summer.

  • Posted May 10, 2008 at 16:55 | Permalink

    The car is fine if out of sight and security locked. A lot of the trailhead break-ins are myths and out of proportion with reality, so use your best judgment. Me, I can’t go on a hike WITHOUT the camera gear. That’s the WHOLE point.

    If it is really a concern, leave it at the hotel, either in the room out of sight or with the front desk. There are often lockers and such.

    If you can handle the extra weight, the security web is okay, but not perfect.

    If it really worries you, don’t travel with anything you can’t lose, including camera gear. Exchange digital cards frequently (they are cheap now and light weight) and mail them home well packaged as you travel. If you lose a cheap digital camera, buy another one and keep traveling. Don’t stress out over it.

  • Posted May 15, 2008 at 16:08 | Permalink

    Thank you for the kind words, but I don’t understand what you are asking. Are you asking how to publish future posts with WordPress? See Working Ahead – Future Posts with WordPress for tips on that.

  • Posted May 22, 2008 at 3:02 | Permalink

    The other day I tried commenting to one of your posts on blogherald.com and when I pushed submit, I got a page saying my comment was marked as spam. Nothing I said could be construed as spam, so I don’t understand.

    Then this morning I tried commenting on someone else’s post to blogherald and the same thing happened. I’ve looked all over on blogherald for a contact link and can’t seem to locate one.

    Could you please unblock my comments?


  • Posted May 31, 2008 at 11:33 | Permalink

    I was wondering if you knew of any good plugins or other approaches to upgrading WP installations to the most current version. I have about 100 WP sites so this is something I am obviously interested in.

    I tried the WP Automatic Upgrade plugin by Keith Daouza. It bombs out and I’ve sent him the logs a few times and have not heard from him.

    The plugin at
    says you should not use it if you used Fantastico to install WP, which I have used.

    James Mitchell

  • Posted June 20, 2008 at 10:14 | Permalink

    @James Mitchell:

    WordPress is working on adding automatic upgrades to the next versions of WordPress.

  • Floyd Glenn Bowen
    Posted June 26, 2008 at 10:03 | Permalink

    Please forgive me if this seems like a pesky question. I am trying to locate a web service that allows one to record a message on a phone and post it to a blog. Snapvine does this – but also seems to mandatorially include messages from other people – a “social” network. But I don’t want to be that “Webby” – I just simply want to record a message and post to my Blog.

    IS there a service anywhere????

    By-the-way, I enjoyed your pics on your blog.

    f glenn bowen

  • Posted June 27, 2008 at 8:05 | Permalink

    @Floyd Glenn Bowen:

    Why not use a digital recorder, or even the microphone on your computer, to just record whatever you want, edit it with the free Audacity audio editing program if you want, and upload it as an MP3 file. It’s so easy, why get involved with a company? But if you want the simply of using a phone, I can’t help you. I’m not familiar with those services. Sorry.

  • Posted July 16, 2008 at 14:00 | Permalink

    I don’t know what subscription you are talking about. I don’t currently offer any subscription services on this website.

  • Posted July 23, 2008 at 9:36 | Permalink

    Hello lorelle, Im a novice as far as wordpress is concerned and i am having trouble doing what others seem to be doing with ease. People keep telling me that pages are static and so you can post to them and i should use categories instead but there are many weblogs that seem to be able to post to pages or have categories listed at the top as pages. pls do you have any explanation.

  • Posted July 25, 2008 at 18:26 | Permalink

    @Thomas Gilberto:

    Yes, on Lorelle on WordPress where I talk over all things WordPress and blogs. There you will find plenty of answers, specifically to these issues in WordPress Pages: Exploring the Pseudo-Static Pages of WordPress and Tags and Tagging in WordPress. Good luck and visit me there.

  • Posted August 14, 2008 at 21:27 | Permalink

    If you are looking for an expert in WordPress Themes, WordPress development, WordPress Plugins, or other WordPress-related expertise, check out the list of WordPress Consultants on , the parent company of WordPress, the WordPress Jobs listings, and the WP-Pro mailing list.

  • kimo Suton
    Posted September 22, 2008 at 16:10 | Permalink

    I am on the Board of HMAUS (MUG) and former pres. I may have a room in my house during your stay so get ahold of me by email. We live at 1,200 ft so it is cooler with 2 cats, Koi and plants. Okay view and computer room and wifi.

  • Posted September 25, 2008 at 3:23 | Permalink

    Hi Lorelle,
    as a this-years-wp-newbie I am looking for a plug where users can post strings=names=tags and displays them hierachical, as in a survey ie. “which bandname you like the most”, where the scope (names) is not predefined (common polls).
    Did you hear of any, or maybe another idea?

    Good luck with your travels!

  • Posted October 9, 2008 at 18:15 | Permalink

    Hi – I’m a 60yr old + woman, 6 weeks blogging, and trying to put together my blog pages. I saw your legal/disclaimer language on Timethief’s page and I’d like permission to use some of the language. May I please? I’m so new at this, I don’t know what I’ll use exactly, but I’ve seen the names listed as credits, and I’ll try to figure out how to do that also. Any help/advice you can impart, would be welcome and apprecited. Thank you, Kate

    p.s. in the 6 weeks of blogging, I have come back to your page numerous times – looking for your advice, confirmation, suggestions, etc. I thought for a while your site was just an outreach of WP – you’re that good!

  • Posted October 13, 2008 at 16:51 | Permalink

    @Kate Rawlins:

    Thank you for the kind words and yes, you can use the language, that is why that particular information is out there.

    Thank you so much for your support and good luck blogging.

  • Dave Kirby
    Posted October 16, 2009 at 0:33 | Permalink

    Dear Lorelle –
    I would like a wordpress site (or something similar) where ALL subscribers can post to the group via a single email address (like Google Groups) and all the corrspondence is stored on the website for all users to access past correspondence that incudes graphocs and videos etc – What product or plug in do I ed?

  • Posted November 24, 2009 at 16:56 | Permalink


    You can have your own domain name, and set up a WordPress blog with Permalinks that fit the format. It’s easy. Go to http://www.wordpress.org/

  • Posted November 24, 2009 at 17:19 | Permalink


    Did you get this resolved? Sorry, I respond to WordPress questions on http://lorelle.wordpress.com/ and missed this.

  • Darko
    Posted January 20, 2010 at 8:46 | Permalink

    Hey Lorelle,

    I wanted to ask you a quick question. Do you currently accept guest posts for your blog (lorelle.wordpress.com/)? If so, what are the requirements?

    Best wishes,

  • Posted July 15, 2011 at 8:50 | Permalink


    I’ve read several of your postings regarding WordPress and appreciate your insights. I am hoping you can offer me a short piece of advice.

    I’m the editor of a university news website. We are the hub of distribution for about 50+ communication professionals statewide in Wash.

    I’m planning to start a WordPress blog to help us stay better connected and aware of what one another is doing, changes in the system, upcoming major news, etc.

    Initially am looking for a simple solution. The ability for everyone who is part of the comm. team to register and be able to post and share items. And to be able to alert people via e-mail when those postings are made.

    I’m sure people will want to post photos, videos, url links, etc. from time to time.

    Given the limited size and scope of this venture, what programs would you suggest encorporating?

    Thanks in advance for your insights.

    p.s. what’s story on your traveling. are you doing it for fun, business, speaking tour???? Hope to go on the road one day myself, after retirement, God willing.

    Robert Frank

    • Posted July 15, 2011 at 11:45 | Permalink

      Thank you for asking. If you would like to discuss professional help on setting up this news website, please let me know. I’m doing the same with schools in Oregon and elsewhere, as well as with other businesses. My series on managing multiple bloggers in WordPress will definitely prove helpful to you either way.

      My husband and I have been traveling full-time on the road since 1996. This is our personal site about those travels and life after. We went “off” the road in 2009, but I still travel many months out of the year for business, but now we have “residency,” something we didn’t have for many years. I travel all over the world teaching, keynoting, and providing training programs on web publishing, social media, online business and publishing strategies, WordPress, and other goodness.

      Thanks and please let me know how I can help!


  • Posted July 15, 2011 at 8:54 | Permalink

    Just saw your “information” above on traveling. Sounds like a very cool adventure. So, feel free to disregard my last question above, I didn’t look far enough.

  • Posted September 11, 2011 at 0:01 | Permalink

    Hi Lorelle,

    I found a typo in the WordPress docs that I’m sure you’d like to know about. You’re getting this message because you’re listed on the WordPress Documentation Team as being responsible for General Housekeeping.

    You can find the typo here:

    specify the sort order used to display thumbnails. ASC or DESC. For example, to short by ID, DESC:”

    I think “short” should be “sort”.

    Apologies if you think this should be reported elsewhere or if you know about this already.

    Kind regards,

    • Posted September 11, 2011 at 22:04 | Permalink

      As you probably know, the WordPress Codex is an open document for editing. Why not fix it yourself? :D That’s how I got started volunteering on the Codex. We have a great volunteer documents team if you would be interested in helping out. All of the documentation on the Codex has been written by volunteers and edited by even more volunteers. Thanks.

      • Posted September 14, 2011 at 10:14 | Permalink

        No, I didn’t know that and I am grateful to you for enlightening me! Thanks, I’ll give it a shot.

  • and
    Posted November 26, 2011 at 5:00 | Permalink

    Hi Lorelle,
    who I have to contact to remove an unused plugin from wordpress.org Plugin Directory?
    There is one of mine which I want to drop.
    Who is the subversion admin contact point?


  • Posted December 16, 2011 at 17:04 | Permalink

    I’m soon starting a course that has an assignment for us to create our own blogs on WordPress. I’m impressed that yours accepts no posts, and would very much like to create a blog that behaves just like that. How, exactly did you manage to do that? Are you using WordPress blogging tools, or something more exotic (a blog development kit of some kind)? I actually can’t tell your blog was even developed on WordPress. What, exactly, am I looking at there? Is it “really” a blog, if it accepts no posts? Thanks in advance. Need an answer by March 2012 or so.

    • Posted December 18, 2011 at 22:01 | Permalink

      Thank you for putting a deadline on my response. :D I don’t often answer WordPress-specific questions here as I save much of that for my WordPress-centric blog, Lorelle on WordPress. I also have an extensive article series (still ongoing) on WebVisions: How to Manage Multiple Bloggers in WordPress. That will probably answer most of your questions. I do not allow guest bloggers on this blog and on many of my others except in rare cases. For my workshops and courses, I do, and many of those are private or not open to the public as they are only for the students.

      If you would like to have multiple contributors, there are many ways to do that. You begin by adding them to your site’s user’s list. WordPress.com is ideal for setting up a class blog. Just have each student sign up for a free WordPress.com blog and add that email to your user list to add them to the blog. They can still have their own blogs to work on, or skip the blog and get a username only. Up to you, and them.

      You give them an authority/permissions level of author and they see a limited view of the WordPress Administration Panels limiting their access to what they can do and change. They can only mess around with their content. It’s that simple. Done. You can make it more complicated or less at your option, and that article series will help you make those decisions as you go.

      Good luck!

  • Posted July 17, 2015 at 1:53 | Permalink

    I need help with my Url. I want to adjust it to my new display name ‘Oluchi’s world’ Please help me… I already have more than 100 posts and progressing with comments not to talk of viewers. Please help me???

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