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Where Are You?

Maps of Our Travels

We seem to travel so much we often forget where we are. We sign our emails with where we are and where we are going to help others keep track of us. If you want to know where we are, where we’ve been, and some information about our travels, you’ll find it here.

We are currently in Israel as Brent got a job opportunity working on commercial aircraft modification here that was just too exciting to pass by. From here, we are exploring Europe and Asia and who knows where.
The VanFossen trailer on the road

Map of Our North American Travels
We have criss-crossed North America, often crossing our tracks repeatedly as we sought out the best times to find and photograph nature. We timed our travels to be in the perfect location at the right time for the wildlife, wildflowers, and weather. As we jigged and jagged across the country, we kept a map of some of our travels for you to follow.
Israel may be a small country but there are many things to see and do here. The history and archeology alone is enough to keep someone busy for decades. Add to it the unusual nature areas and geological formations, and we have had enough to keep us busy in the last four years living in Israel. Our map of Israel points out some of the highlights of our exploration and where we are in Israel.
We’ve taken advantage of the nearness of Europe to explore and travel its diverse culture and nature areas. We’ve put together a map of Europe with notes on some of our travels and links to articles and information about exploring these places.
Road Statistics
We’ve accumulated some miles, visited a lot of national and state parks, spent way too much money on gas, and racked up some interesting statistics about our travels.
Tour Schedule
We keep our schedule, such as it is, on our Tour Schedule page so people can check to see where we are and where we’re going. If we are coming to an area near you, let us know. We love catching up with friends.
Israel Highlights
We never imagined life on the road would lead us down a highway to Israel and Europe. Brent got a job offer that was just too good to turn down and here we are, continuing to explore with our cameras and words. To help you learn more about this exciting country and some of our adventures, we’ve included information on the history of Israel, the return of the Jews to Israel, and life today in Israel. For our family and friends visiting us here, we’ve included an itinerary we put together for them, as a sample tour of Israel. If you are interested in learning a few words in Hebrew, we’ve also included a page with common Hebrew words. Just a little taste of Israel.
Where Are We From?
We get asked this all the time and the question changes frequently. We share how we answer this question with you and tell you more about how you can contact us.

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