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Articles About Nature Subjects by Lorelle and Brent VanFossen

We love nature and nature photography and have a lot of ideas boiling around in our heads about different articles on these subjects. Here are a few examples. If you would like to suggest an article to us, please let us know at lorelle@cameraontheroad.com and tell us more about your publication.

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When the weather gets bad, stop and have some ice cream with friends. Deborah Kirsner leads the crowd to the ice cream shop! PHoto by Lorelle VanFossenFollow the Rainbow – Planning for Weather
When taking your camera on the road, how do you plan for the weather?
Splish Splash: Rain
Drip, drop, drool, drizzle, and mist. Just a few names for rain in the Pacific Northwest. Living there, if we waited for it to stop raining, we’d never take any photographs. Here are tips for photographing in the rain.
Hot Tips for Hot Shots
Summer, when the sun is out, is the most popular time for heading out with your camera. Learn how to work with the bright summer sun, the crowds, and the extreme heat of the warmest season.
Winter Whites
The wonders of winter are fantastic opportunities for photographing textures, shapes, and patterns.
Cold Weather Blues
Working under serious and extreme cold conditions can tax your body as well as your camera. We look at ways to keep both you and the camera warm and working.
Shooting Up a Storm
Photographing the weather is not as easy as just adding a few clouds to your composition. We look at ways to actually photograph weather effects and include a sense of weather in your images.
Weather Serendipity
Being ready to take advantage of whatever weather confronts you and your camera.

Wildlife Photography

Monkey modeling, photo by Brent VanFossenWild Thing, I Think I Love You: Advanced Wildlife Photography
Nature’s creatures are exciting to photograph. We look at techniques to help you get close and bring home great wildlife images.
These endangered creatures are fascinating to photograph and study.
Snowshoe Hare
A snowshoe hare is one of nature’s amazing creatures as its fur changes color from brown to white during the winter, using this as protective camouflage.
Bald and Beautiful – American Eagles
The bald and golden eagle are America’s two most prized birds. We share some of their wonders with you.
You are Guests in their Home
The wilderness is a long way from your city address. When you come visit wildlife, remember you are a guest in their home and you need to act accordingly.
One way to get close to wildlife for photographing them is to create your own camouflage. We share some simple tips for creating your own blinds.
Underwater Without Getting Wet – Aquarium Photography
Photograph underwater without getting wet. Working with aquariums and fish tanks offers wonderful opportunities to photograph our fish friends.
I See What Eye Sea
Photographing the patterns of nature found in water and water patterns.

Nature Photography Techniques

Catching waves in Florida, photo by Brent VanFossenCatching the Wave – Water and Beaches
Tips on photographing waves and beaches, including tide pools
Beach Beauties – Photographing Tide Pools
Peer inside a tide pool and find a microcosm of nature. Shelled creatures, urchins, starfish, all kinds of fish and sea creatures fill the smallest pools. Exploring them with your camera takes some special techniques.
The Photographic Sherlock Holmes
Part of the challenge of a photographer is to solve the mystery behind the mistakes found after the film has been processed. This extensive article examines some of the most common photographic crimes committed by the photographer as well as the processing lab and the camera.
Putting It Together: The Photographic Approach
We are often asked about how we create our dramatic images. This article tackles the challenge of explaining our “approach” to photographing a scene or location, helping you to improve the quality of your images by taking a peek inside of our brains.
Wildflower Waltzes
Photographing wildflowers as works of art
Dew Drops
Photographing the jewels which adore nature early in the morning.
Mirrored Images
Tips and techniques for photographing reflections in nature.
Curls in the bark of a birch tree, photo by Brent VanFossenBarking Up the Right Tree – Photographing Trees and Forests
Forests are complex and busy subjects to photograph. The articles covers tips and techniques for photographing trees and forests.
Wet Belly Photography
Photographing flowers means getting down and dirty. Here are some flower photography tips.
Close Encounters
Photographing the world under your feet with close-up photography.
Winter Frosting
Photographing frost. We examine the patterns and kinds of frost and where to find it.