with Lorelle and Brent VanFossen

Articles by Brent and Lorelle VanFossen on a Variety of Subjects

We write about just about anything. We’ve included a few samples of the different kinds of articles we write about here. If you would like to suggest an article to us, please let us know at lorelle@cameraontheroad.com and tell us more about your publication.

General Articles

Safety First – Personal Safety in the Outdoors
Whether exploring the outdoors on your own or with friends, here are some basic tips to help you protect yourself in the outdoors.
Dr. Suess across the planet
Dr. Suess has been translated into many languages and is read by children all over the world, but how do these tongue twisting children’s stories really translate?
Weather Emergencies – Are You Ready?
In case of a weather emergency, is your home ready? How about your family? Pets? Do you know what to do in case of a hurricane? Tornado? Power outage? Flood? Do you and your family have a plan for where to meet in case you get separated? Making a plan for weather emergencies helps everyone stay safe and take action.
Saving Your Pet
Is your pet secure and are you ready to protect your pet in case of a weather emergency? Do you know if the local shelter will accept pets? We discuss how to protect and handle your animal family members in case of a weather emergency.
Junk Mail Fans – Studying marketing trends
Junk mail tells us a lot about who we are as a society and where the latest fads and gimmicks are coming from. By studying junk mail, you study an entire culture.
Oh, You Shouldn’t Have
How do you write appropriate thank you notes and when? What are the appropriate ways to thank someone?
Dancing in the Night – Living With a Sleep Walker
Ever wake up in the middle of the night with your spouse looking at you with a crazy look in his or her eye? Ever wake up to find your spouse jumping on the bed? Living with a sleep walker can be a nightmare. We look at why this happens and how to protect you and your family members in the night.

Editorial Articles

We write about a wide variety of subjects, and we enjoy writing editorial articles about our different experiences and subjects we encounter. We can take a serious point of view, but we do love the cynical or funny side of looking at things. Here are a few examples. If you would like to suggest an article to us, please let us know at lorelle@cameraontheroad.com and tell us more about your publication.

White Mice, Rocket Scientists and Dolphins
Editorial article about learning and understanding nature.
Life Lessons from Dahni, the Eyeless Wonder Cat
Are we ever ready for what life hands us? Lorelle learned some major life lessons from her blind cat, Dahni, and she shares them here.
Learning Some Rules of Life (Be On Time)
Attending a self improvement program, I learned the value of being on time and other life lessons.
Learning from Others (Tips and Tricks to Stay on Track)
There are lessons to be learned from everyone, in every group you participate in. Here are some tips for learning from those around you.
What’s Draining You?
Based on Cheryl Richardson’s book, Life Makeover, Lorelle discusses how to examine your life and find out where you are putting your energy.
Journal Writing
The art of journal writing doesn’t have to be hard work, but it does involve discipline. And you can learn so much about yourself from what you put down on paper.
Learning and Living Against the Odds
When you set yourself a goal, the universe seems to take action against you. Lorelle examines how to overcome this natural force to keep you within your comfort zone.
Pursuing Your Passion
Finding your passion in life helps keep you on course and gives you direction and power in your life. Here are some steps to help you figure it out.
Pursing Your Passion II: Getting Out of Your Own Way
Sometimes we have to step away from ourselves and let ourselves get on with the living and the doing. What are you doing to slow or stop yourself from moving forward in your life?
Active Listening
Learning to listen and hold fascinating discussions is a quality worth investing in.
Touching Clues
Touch is critical to the health and welfare of every individual. Your reactions to touch are lessons you need to learn about yourself.
Center of the World?
Are you taking good care of yourself? Are you putting yourself in the center of your world? This essay discusses how we should spoil ourselves, but how we often think we shouldn’t. Which is right?
The Symptoms of Touch with Hiddai Levi
Summary from a seminar about touch with renowned touch therapist, Hiddai Levi.
Social Support and Sharing
The relationship you have with your self is only as healthy as the relationships you have with others around you. How are you doing as a friend? And who around you is part of your support network. This essay examines your social support group and how to improve it.
The Power of Choice
We have an amazing power that we don’t even know we have. It is called choice. We need to realize that we have the power to choose in our every moment. How are you doing with your choices?
Traveling with Mother
Lorelle VanFossen shares her traveling experiences with her hyperactive and slightly wacko mother as the two explore the world together.
What My Cat Taught Me
Our arrogance as humans claims that we train our animals. I’ve found that animals also train us and here are some of the ways my cat trained me.
Finding Your Life Purpose
We all believe we have a reason for living, some excuse for our life. Finding your life purpose isn’t as hard a task as we often make it to be. Odds are you are already living your life purpose.
The Religion of Right
(aka The “Right” Religion) This article examines the power of “being right” and how it influences our every day life and the choices we make, almost to the level of being a religion in its own right.
Change is Inevitable, Growth is Optional
There is nothing you can do to stop the turning of the tide in our lives. Change is inevitable. What is optional is the choices we make in how we choose to grow and meet the changes.
Lessons from a Calf
Confronted with a wild calf, a woman learns some valuable lessons about life and relationships.
Playing With Fame
A woman shares her adventures on her first trip to Las Vegas and meeting Frank Sinatra.
Things NOT to Do – First Driving Lesson in the Fog
Parents prepare their children for life in strange ways. They do so with the best intentions, but years later the reminiscences tell a different story.
The Robbers and Chew Chew
The family joke always poked fun at the family dog, Chew-Chew, how friendly he was – if a robber came to the door, Chew-Chew would invite them in after making sure they wiped their feet on the entry carpet. Then the day came when the home was indeed robbed.
The Dress – Arguing with a Martyr
A family incident over a dress brings a daughter and mother closer together in a strange and unusual story.