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Travel Articles and Writings by Lorelle and Brent VanFossen

We’ve spent more than five years living on the road full-time now, so we have the experience and the experiences to share about life on the road, in North America and overseas. Here are a few examples and we have more in the works all the time. If you would like to suggest an article to us, please let us know at lorelle@cameraontheroad.com and tell us more about your publication.

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Sol Duc Falls area of the Olympic National Park, photo by Brent VanFossenThe Old City of Jerusalem
Jerusalem is one of the holiest and oldest cities in the world. We take you deep within its ancient walls to help you maximize your photographic opportunities when visiting.
The Church of the Holy Sepulcher, Jerusalem
Considered one of the holiest sites in the world by most religions, the history and architecture of the Church is amazing.
Everglades National Park
Deep in the marsh and swamps of southern Florida is the haunting national park of the Everglades. We make it come alive and help you get better access with your camera when you visit.
Loxahatchee National Wildlife Refuge
Loxahatchee in Florida is an excellent location for bird and swamp land photography.
St. Marks National Wildlife Refuge
Located along the northern coast of Florida, St. Marks is a great location for bird photography and studying wetlands.
Ding Darling National Wildlife Refuge
Considered one of the best bird watching and photographing locations in Florida, Ding Darling offers the visitor closeup and personal photographic opportunities.
Aransas National Wildlife Refuge
Aransas is home for the wintering whooping cranes and other migrating birds coming through southern Texas.
Denali National Park
A dream destination for many people, Denali is one of the last frontiers for protecting the sensitive trundra and northern wildlife. We will help you make the most of your visit.
Portage Lake, Alaska 
Photo by Brent VanFossenNorthwest Trek
Having photographed this unique wildlife preserve near Seattle for many years, and leading trips and tours through it for photographers, we have a few insights on maximizing your Northwest Trek adventure.
Bosque del Apache National Wildlife Refuge
If you are seriously into birding, this is the ideal place to take your spotting scope and long lenses to in the fall and spring.
Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge
Built to isolate the launch pad at Cape Canaveral, Florida, this unique and diverse wildlife perserve is a prime place to get up close and personal with a wide range of birds and swamp creatures.
Portage Lake, Alaska
A jewel just south of Anchorage, we share some tidbits about the lake and visitors center that takes you back through history to the ice age.
White Mice, Rocket Scientists and Dolphins
Editorial article about learning and understanding nature.
The Magical Backyard
How to find magic through the camera in your own backyard.
Pacific Northwest Whale Watching
Watching and photographing the whales on migration along the Washington State Coast.
Spring in July – Mountain Bloom
As the last of the snow cap melts, spring blooms in the mountains often in July and August. We share some tips on where to find this wonderful mountain bloom and how to photograph it.
Olympic National Park and Hurricane Ridge
We have a full range of articles about Hurricane Ridge and the Olympic National Park. Some samples include:

The Road to the Top
The history and beauty of Hurricane Ridge Road which begins almost at sea level and winds up 17 miles later at 5200 feet above sea level.
Visit Hurricane Ridge for the wildlife not just the view
Many visit the top of Hurricane Ridge for the spectacular view of Mt. Olympus and the Olympic Mountains. Often the view is clouded over. Turn around and enjoy the wonderful accessible wildlife that fills the ridge.
Protecting the Wildlife and Us
We examine the issues at stake when wildlife and humans interact closely. Hurricane Ridge gets over 4 million visitors a year and many of those come face to face with wildlife. What are the impacts of such proximity and how can we protect the rights of both humans and the wildlife?
The Small World Alongside the Road
Many people concentrate on the drive to the top, missing the wonderful world alongside Hurricane Ridge Road. We stop and slow down to examine the little pieces of magic along the road.
Tongue Point Marine Sanctuary
Explore the magic of one of the best and most accessible tide pools along the San Juan Strait.
Bull elk in rut, early in the morning, Jasper, Alberta, Canada. Photo by Brent VanFossenJasper and Banff National Parks
We have a variety of articles about these two jewels in the Canadian Rockies Park System.
Fall Color in Alaska
When is the best time to photograph the colors of Alaska? The end of September offers majestical visions of red tinted tundra and aspens shifting cold and orange in the quickly chilling temperatures.

General Traveling Articles

Pets on Vacation
Over 40% of traveling Americans take their pets with them on the road. Here is some advice to help make the trip easier and safer.
Toshi VanFossen explores the wilds of AlaskaShove It Under The Seat – Taking It With You On The Airplane
With the new airline carry-on restrictions, how do you take your camera gear and other goodies with you on the airplane?
Camping Solo – The Art of Camping Alone
Camping is not limited to groups. Many love the solitude of camping in the wilderness alone. We discuss advice and information to make your camping trip safe and enjoyable “solo”.
Women on the Road
Many women are choosing to travel alone on the road. What does it take to be solo on wheels?
Journals from the Road
The romance of the road includes telling the stories of your travels as you are traveling. The Internet makes this easier through web pages and emails. How do you write interesting descriptions of your adventures?
First Class by Tent
Camping doesn’t really mean roughing it. With a few utensils and skills you can create a first class adventure with your tent.
Cat on the Road – Toshi’s Tails
Taking your pet on the road? Toshi VanFossen helps the traveling pet and their owner maximize the experience for everyone.
Running Hot and Cold – Pet Survival on the Road
The extreme temperatures of hot and cold affects your pets, too. Here is some information to help keep your pet safe from the changing weather and temperatures while you travel.
Pets and Vets on the Road
Caring for your pet and visiting vets on the road.
Muscles for Mouser – Keeping Your Pet Fit on the Road
Traveling changes the activity schedule of most pets, catching walks and play time when there is a lull in the human’s activities. We offer some tips and information on keeping your pet healthy with exercise on the road.
Cat Naps and Dog Snoozes
Ideas and tips on creating a comfy bed for your pet while you travel.
Brent fixes a shredded tire on the road, photo by Lorelle VanFossenShopping on the Road – Where to Find What in Town
Arriving in a new town, the hardest thing to do is find places to park the RV and find the things you need. We offer some tips on where to find what you need in a new town.
Emergency Parking
When time is tight and you can’t find a campground, there are lots of places to park on the road and we offer suggestions on where to park as you travel.
Emergency Kit for Your RV
What do you really need to put together an emergency kit for your RV when it breaks down on the road? We’ll help you put it together to keep you save when you travel.
Carrying Extras
What little extras should you carry as you travel to keep yourself safe and ready for the little emergencies that crop up on the road?
Test Driving a Mechanic
Traveling on the road for extended times means dealing with mechanics and auto repair facilities you don’t know. What are some key thing to ask and how can you really trust those who will work on your vehicle?
Having Fun on the Road
Sometimes the struggles of life on the road overwhelm the joyful experience traveling can be. We discuss ways to put the joy back in the road and take out some of the rough.
Where Am I? Road Signs and Directions
Sometimes the adventure is in getting the directions not just following them. Or maybe both. We share some stories and techniques for understanding directions and road signs on the road.
Stuff It! Storage Tips for the Road
When you take it with you on the road, here are some tips for finding a place for everything and everything in its place.
Fair Thee Well
Many vacations are planned around fairs and festivals. We’ll help you capture the wonder and excitement of these colorful events with your camera.
Traveling With a Speed Demon
“See the state of California at 60 MPH!” Sound like a restful vacation tour? Probably not, but this is how many family vacations should be described. Making your trip as fun as possible is not always about the speed you travel between the sites but the quality of time you spend in those sites.

Travel Photography Techniques

Taking your camera on the road means learning how to capture more than just photographic memories of your trip. It means understanding what you are photographing and capturing the “feel” of the place. Here are some tips and techniques for travel photography.

Capturing Guide Book Images
Consider your vacation assignment to photograph the area as if you were creating a travel guide book to the area. What should you look for? What kinds of photographs should you take? How do you photograph an area?
Who Are They?
Techniques for capturing the feel of the people of a land and culture.
Telling Tales
The most fun comes afterwards when sharing your experiences with others. Some people take it to a new height with slide shows and writing articles about their travels. We offer some tips and advice for improving the telling of your travel stories.

Living and Working on the Road

When you take your work on the road, your computer usually goes with you.Working on the Road
Considering packing up your life and taking your work or business on the road? We will give you some good things to think about when making those plans.
The Traveling Business
There are many businesses which can become mobile easily. We will help you figure out if your business is one and if you are ready for the road.
The Traveling Employee
House on your back, you’re ready for the road. Millions of company employees travel or live in recreational vehicles as part of their work. They live a temporary life, sometimes staying put for a few years, sometimes changing locations every few weeks or months.
The Traveling Worker
Want to take your life on the road? Want to work to earn money and still stay mobile? There are many temporary or short-term jobs open to the traveler. We share tips on finding such jobs and helping you work on the road.
How to Be a Short Term Worker
Temporary workers keep corporations and business going through the tough times. They often replace sick employees or are called in to handle special projects. Many of them travel while working temporary jobs. If you are considering temporary work, here is information to help you get started.
The Time It Takes
Working as a temporary or contract worker, the first question you usually hear is “How long will this take?” Here are some tips for computing your time and answering that question.
Tips for Temps
The world of temporary workers is exciting and filled with challenges, often starting the moment you walk in the door. We’ll help you handle the temporary working environment with style and grace.
Job Contracts
The traveling worker is often presented with job contracts. Here are some basic ingredients for your contractual agreement for work to help you get started.
Excuse Me While I Answer My Shoe – The Mobile Office
If you are taking your work on the road, make sure your office and equipment is ready for the brutalities of the road. We’ll help you decide what to take on the road, too.
Hook Up To Stay
Traveling and working on the road, it is a challenge to find a place to stay when the stay is longer than a couple of weeks. The task of setting up telephone service, utilities, even finding sewer and electrical hookups – it can be overwhelming. Here is a list to help you put the task of finding a place to stay into perspective.
When planning to take your life on the road, the last thing you prepare for is living 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with the same person. We offer tips and advice on learning to get along with each other before you hit the road.
Taking A Vacation from Your Vacation
Living on the road full-time seems like a vacation to most people, but sometimes you need a vacation from your vacation. We discuss how to get away from the road while traveling on the road.
Working Overseas
There are great benefits and challenges to working overseas. What happens with your US taxes? Do you have to pay the taxes in the country you are working? What about work permits and visas? We help answer these questions and more about taking your job out of the country.


Staying in touch on the road can be a game of finding the best technologyRemember Those Left Behind
It’s important to remember those left behind when you head out on the road. We offer some tips for staying in touch on the road.
The Computer on the Road
Taking sensitive and costly computer equipment on the road can be a challenge. We offer tips for traveling with your computer, keeping it safe and protected from the riggers of the road.
The Reality of the Internet on the Road
Making travel arrangements by computer is the way to go, but when you’re gone, how does the Internet work for you? What do you need to stay in touch and get on the Internet from the road?
Where Are You Now? Staying in Touch on the Road
Cell phones, beepers, calling cards, laptops, modems, there are many ways to stay in touch on the road and we look at the options out there for the traveler.

Recreational Vehicles

The VanFossen trailer on the Matanuska Glacier in Alaska, photo by Lorelle VanFossenMaking Your RV Say “Cheese”
Tips and techniques for taking great photographs of your moving home on the road.
Pack It All In! Trailer Storage
With some easy suggestions and advice, we help you find a place for everything and how to keep everything in its place in your moving home.
When Nature Knocks – Water and Insect Proofing Your Recreational Vehicle
Waiting until the rain or bugs invade isn’t the way to deal with what nature hands you on the road. We cover tips and techniques for securing your trailer or motor home from these invaders.
Waste Not, Want Not
Taking your RV on the road means “garbage in – garbage out” and dealing with water and waste systems. We discuss techniques on making this a more enjoyable experience.
Breakdowns are part of life on the road. Are you ready?If It’s Going to Break Down, It Will Do So on a Saturday Night in a Small Town
it never fails and we’ve been there. When things break down, it is a time when tempers flare and nerves fray. We discuss how to prepare for those inevitable breakdowns.
Light Up On the Road – Planning Your Electricity
Traveling on the road for long periods of time, you will often be reliant upon your own source of electricity and power and at the mercy of the electricity of the different campgrounds you visit. We talk about how to plan your RV for protection from poor electrical setups and how to make yourself independent.


It takes all kinds of vehicles to get you along on the roadWhat They Didn’t Teach You at Camp – A Different Kind of Travel Article
When you were a kid, summer camp taught you about roughing it, but did it really prepare you for life on the road? Here are some things camp didn’t teach you about traveling cross-country.
Residency: Where do you “really” live?
The government requires citizens to have a “residence” somewhere. Where you choose, even though your life is mobile, depends upon what your needs are.
Is Full-Time Living Right for You?
“I love you, honey, but is full-time living right for us?” We look at what it takes to live on the road full-time and see if you are up to it.
Rx for the Best Recreational Vehicle
Not every RV can tolerate full-time traveling. What does it take to be a good full-time RV?