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Photography Articles Directory



Bull’s Eye Syndrome
Basic composition doesn’t have to be complicated. We have the secret ingredient to improve all of your photographs.
How up close and personal do you need to be to get this picture of a Grizzly Bear? Photo by Lorelle VanFossenBattling the Dot Animal
How we see and how our camera photographs the scene are drastically different. Emotions impact our vision. Successful action and wildlife photography means learning how to think and see like a camera.
Looking for Landscapes
If you are out looking for landscapes, here are some tips to improve your landscape photography.
People Add Pizazz
We discuss how to put people in your photographs effectively, telling a story and making for a more interesting picture.
Seeing the Picture in the Picture
Composition tips on designing your photograph before you snap the shutter.
PhotoQuilt Kaleidoscope Images of Nature
Photographing natural subjects can go beyond text book positions and formats. With a little imagination and creativity you can make interesting art designs with your camera.
Magic is all Around
How to find magical images anywhere you go with your camera.
Shadow Play – Silhouettes
Tips and techniques for creating silhouette images.
The Photographic Sherlock Holmes
Part of the challenge of a photographer is to solve the mystery behind the mistakes found after the film has been processed. This extensive article examines some of the most common photographic crimes committed by the photographer as well as the processing lab and the camera.
Putting It Together: The Photographic Approach
We are often asked about how we create our dramatic images. This article tackles the challenge of explaining our “approach” to photographing a scene or location, helping you to improve the quality of your images by taking a peek inside of our brains.
On The Level
A solid horizon line that obeys the laws of gravity is an often overlooked but critical compositional element in a natural image.
Composition 401
What should you look for when composing your image to make sure you are capturing the “best”.


Bird photographers and watchers line up at Ding Darling, Florida. Photo by Brent VanFossen

User Friendly Cameras
Are you ready for a new camera system? We look at what you should know before buying.
Picking a Camera Body
Shopping for a new camera body is more than just buying for technology. How does it feel in your hand? Can you work all the buttons?
Accessories Worth the Money
What photo accessories are really important for successful nature photography.
Buying Used Equipment
Why buy new when there are thousands of great cameras and equipment on the used market. Here are some things to look for when buying used.
Writing With Light
Photography is the art of writing with light. We cover some of the basic lighting accessories popular with nature photographers.

Research and Planning

Prime Timing
Timing is everything when you are working with the prime moments of nature. We offer tips on researching your subject and destination to make sure you arrive in prime time.
What does your ideal photo vehicle look like?Familiarity Breeds Good Photographs – Researching Your Subject
Great nature photography comes from knowing and understanding your subject. Here are some tips on researching and studying nature subjects to improve the quality of your photographs.
The Ideal Photo Vehicle
Looking for the ideal photo vehicle? We have a recipe and tips to help you find yours.
The Ideal Photo Vehicle: Theft Protection
We offer some tips and advice on keeping your vehicle and camera gear safe on the road.
Hide in Plain Sight
Carrying expensive camera equipment as you travel is often like advertising “steal me”. This article discusses how to keep a low profile and hide your costly gear in plain sight.
The Ideal Photo RV
Taking your camera on the road with a recreational vehicle gets you closer to the action and saves on the cost of expensive accommodations. What makes a good RV for photographers?

The Business of Nature Photography

Business General

Making $$ Doing What Comes Nature-ly
Dream about being a photographer with National Geographic? Of having your image on a magazine cover? If you are considering making nature photography a business, start here.
Can You Find It? Managing Your Photographs
Being able to find your images in short order when National Geographic or Life Magazine calls is critical to a successful photography business. We offer advice on organizing and maintaining your image storage system.
Enhancing Your Story With Photographs
Selling photographs with articles isn’t a new idea, but how can you improve your photographs so the story they tell with your article makes your images and words explode off the page? This article will help you tell a better story with better pictures.
Self-editing Your Photography
Before sending out your images, you need to edit them. Learning to edit your photography results can make the difference between being an average professional photographer and a serious professional. It can also help you improve the quality of your work.
What the school of nature photography doesn’t teach you
Gee, I sure wish I knew that before I….do you ever ask yourself that? There is a lot about nature photography not taught in any school. Do you know how do you talk to people about your photography? Does big equipment mean big success? How do you survive in the bush for days on end without a shower? How do you ask for a model’s release? This article covers advice on these and more.
You’re What? Wow! The Glamorous Life of a Nature Photographer
The first look of awe on someone’s face when we tell them what we do often embarrasses us. Here is a real look at the life of a nature photographer.
Protect Your Work – Copyright Issues and Protection
Information to help the photographer get their work copyright protected and understand how the law works and what it covers regarding photography.
Exotic Explorations
Many photographers believe that only images from exotic places have sales potential. This article examines this myth.
Aren’t You…? Meeting Your Favorite Photographer in the Wild
You are hiking through the mountains and stumble on a fellow photographer. She lifts her head from behind the camera at your approach and you recognize her. She’s famous. What do you say? Photographers speak out about how they like to be approached while they are out photographing.
They Made It Big – Nature Photography as a Career
Most professional photographers started out doing something else. We discuss how successful photographers got started and what experience and background is needed to become a professional photographer.

Marketing and Sales

Junk mail is a great resource for learning more about the photography marketMeeting the Market Needs – Editing Your Photographs
The key to selling your images is giving the editor or photo buyer exactly what they want. Learning to edit your photographs to get your best work in front of a buyer.
Publisher Tells All
If you’ve been working in the editorial industry for a while, or are just beginning, you will learn some tips to help you get ahead in this business from our visit with a publisher.
Take Note – Note Card Market
The stationery market is large and diverse. Photographic images of all kinds are needed. Whether working with major companies or on your own, this article examines how the industry works and how a photographer can maximize profits in this area.
Homing in on Your Neighborhood Market
Most photographers put a lot of effort into finding markets for their photography far from home. What about trying close to home? Here are some stories and information on tapping the market close to home.
Creating a Business and Marketing Plan
If you sell your work in any form you need to create a business and marketing plan. By putting things in writing you have a better handle on what your business does and how to keep the income coming in.
Impress the Press
How to create a press kit to market yourself and your activities in your photography business.
Shoestring Marketing
Exploring inexpensive ways to market your photography and work.


Duane Hansen takes aim.Casting Your Net-work
An introduction to networking for photographers.
10 Words or Less
When asked what kind of photographic work you do, can you answer in 10 words or less? These simple steps help you define your photography business.
Active Listening Techniques
The key to social networking is active listening. When you participate in the discussion, you share your knowledge and interests and learn about the other person, expanding your networking horizons.
It’s What You Do Not Who You Are
What you do can influence your business as much as your “fame.” Getting involved with volunteer or membership organizations can set you on a successful course with your business.
It’s Not What You Know But Who
The more people you know, the more people likely to think of you when a job needs doing. This article discusses ways to get “known” and visible in the community to attract business.
Carded: May I Have Your Card, Please?
A business card is often the first visual presentation of who you are and what you do. You want it memorable. Here are some business card design tips to improve the punch your business card makes.


Sharing Your Talent With Others: Presenting Photographic Workshops
Part of the fun of having been a photographer for a long time is that you have a body of work worth sharing with others. You have knowledge to share with others so how do you go about it? How do you go about setting up programs and workshops? We cover the different aspects of how to ask for money and set up photographic presentations.
Putting It Together
Interested in producing your own photo seminars and workshops? There is a lot to put together, but all the pieces make for an exciting puzzle to produce.
The Story Behind the Picture
How to tell the story of the image when teaching or lecturing. The article includes tips on using images to make points in your presentation.
Exciting Photo Seminars
Who, what and where to find the right photography seminar for you or your club.
Lights, Camera, Action – Slide Shows
Tips and techniques on creating and producing dynamic and successful slide show productions.
Outstanding in Your Field
Producing successful photography field trips is an exciting addition to your club’s workshops and programs. Learn how to plan them for the maximum benefit and safety of the participants.
Passionate Teacher
Tips and techniques for teaching different groups about nature photography and how to make it come alive for them.
Photography Instruction
Tips for teaching photography in a way that excites and stimulates your students.

Creativity and Motivation

Boardwalk in Florida, photo by Brent VanFossen

The Traveling Nature Photographer
What is it like to take your camera on the road? After several years of wandering all over North America and Europe, we have some experiences to share with you.
Aim Right – Choosing a Photography Club
There are thousands of photography clubs and associations throughout the world. Each club is different, with distinct interests, goals, and people. We discuss how to find the right club for you.
Give Yourself a Job – Self-assignments
In order to sell your images, you have to go out and get them. Keep motivated through through self-assignments, concentrating on subjects you need and/or experimentation to push your skills.

Other Photography Topics

Disabilities and Photography
With strong determination and technology, photography is now open to the physically challenged and they are challenging conventional thinking.
Film on the Road
How do you purchase, carry, store, and process film on the road? This article covers some basic tips to help you take care of your film while you travel.