with Lorelle and Brent VanFossen

Writing Topics – Interviews, Profiles, and Membership Organizations

We write about a lot of subjects, and interview subjects are some of our most popular and personal favorites. We’ve also been long-time members of different associations and non-profits, with Lorelle holding many offices, working intimately with the development of different groups. From those experiences, we have a lot of articles to share with you. If you would like to suggest an article to us, please let us know at lorelle@cameraontheroad.com and tell us more about your publication.


The Artistry of Art Wolfe
Who is Art Wolfe? This article looks at the art and the artistry of the famous nature photographer and photographic author of more than 60 books.
Art Wolfe’s Rain Forest Secrets
In a multi-year project, Art traveled the world capturing the last of the planet’s remaining rain forests for his book, “Rain Forests of the World”.
Art Wolfe’s Lighting Secrets
Art works in challenging situations, moving quickly to take advantage of the light, and working in extreme conditions. He shares his tips and advice for lighting natural subjects in the wild.
Lee Mann – Ahead of his time
One of the early fine color art nature photographers in the United States, Lee Mann has worked for years bringing the beauty of nature into the home, office, and galleries around the world.

Leading the Way – Tour Guides
Who are some of the best photo tour guides in the industry and what makes them special? They share their tips and advice for the traveling photographer.
Exposing the Mysteries of Africa
An interview article featuring professional photographers and their perspective on the dark continent and photographing it.
Nature Photographers Speak Out on the Environment
Nature photographers spend a lot of time out in the wilderness and some dedicate their entire lives to protecting the environment. This is a chance to hear from some of the best on how they fight for the right of nature through their cameras.
Learn from the Best
What do other successful professional photographers have to share with others about the business? Nature photographers often volunteer and work with up-and-coming photographers to help them get started in the business.
Maresa Pryor – Breaking the Rules
A nature photographer is breaking the rules in nature photographing and making her living from photographing her backyard, Florida.

Member Associations and Non-profits

Clubs are great places to network.Sharing Your Talents With Others
Lorelle has written a book on how to bring your talents to an audience. It will soon be available for sale in print and as an Ebook. To place an order, contact Lorelle VanFossen.
Getting the Jobs Done – Motivating Volunteers
Volunteer organizations are dependent upon keeping their volunteers active and involved. We explore different techniques to keep them motivated and on track with the organization’s mission.
Making Your Club Accessible
The Disabilities and Equal Access laws apply to any public event or building. Does your club’s activities apply? How can you make your activities open to everyone?
Aim Right – Choosing a Photography Club
There are thousands of photography clubs and associations throughout the world. Each club is different, with distinct interests, goals, and people. We discuss how to find the right club for you.
Fund-raising Success
If your club relies upon fund-raising income, this article will help improve the quality and diversity of your fund-raising efforts.
Record It Write – Writing Meeting Minutes
Keeping the minutes of an association meeting is critical to history and continuity of the association. The minutes help the membership and officials keep track of their efforts and actions. Keeping minutes in a simple but skillful way will help your association keep track of itself.
They Will Want to Belong – Recruiting New Members
A group is dependent upon fresh blood and new faces. We discuss different ways to keep the recruitment going and how to keep members actively seeking new faces.
Value for Everyone – Improving Membership Participation
Does your club have only a few people who do everything? This takes its toll after a while. How do you expand and improve membership participation and enthusiasm in your group?
Interesting Speakers Needed
How do you find great programs and speakers for your club? There are many methods including hiring from a speaker’s bureau or finding them within your organization. We discuss the ways of getting speakers and making the process easy and enjoyable for all.
Tremble or Thrive on the Podium
The fear of speaking in public places is fairly common. Here are some tips to help you make great verbal contributions to society.