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The Reality of the Internet on the Road

The reality of the Internet on the road is that by the time I post this article on my web page, the technology will have changed. That’s reality one. Reality two is that there is still, after all the changes and advancements, little or no easy Internet access on the road. Now that you’ve heard […]

Computer Hardware for the Road

There are a variety of new tools and technology now available that help the traveling worker or person living and traveling on the road. Here are some common tools to help you as you travel. Tools for Connecting To connect to the Internet, whether for email or browsing, from the road, you have to consider […]

The Technology of Staying in Touch Tomorrow

Staying in touch from the road tomorrow will be much easier and more efficient if things keep going they way they are. Cell phones will get smaller, look like watches and/or fit onto shirt collars, behind your ears, or even under the skin. Computers will get smaller with screens on special glasses or watch size […]