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Toshi’s Tails

Dahni rests on the dashboard in our rented motorhome in Covadunga, Spain, photograph by Brent VanFossenToshi has tons of tales to tell and things to share with you about being a kitty living on the road full-time. Unfortunately, he likes to sleep 80% of the day so it takes a while to get any work done.

Toshi, our long-time traveling furry friend, helps the traveling pet and their owner maximize the experience for everyone. Toshi has been back and forth across North American with us, and he has a long history of traveling adventures to share with the traveling pet. This is his own section, so enjoy his tips and tricks for the adventuring fuzzy person. Toshi, the monster traveling kitty exploring Alaska, helps other traveling humans with their fellow animal travelers.He is joined by other fuzzy friends we’ve had along with us during our travels, especially Dahni, the eyeless wonder cat, who recently traveled through four countries and more than 12 different airports.

Pets can travel along with humans. Did you know that? Many animals make great traveling buddies. Friends of Toshi include ferrets, rabbits, dogs, mice, gerbils, snakes, and many of the same pets that are traditional. Fish, well, Toshi likes fish as much as any good cat, but they are a little more difficult to travel with, though some people have come up with some ingenious ways to travel with their fish. All it takes is a bit of planning and foresight, and a lot of patience and any animal can go with you on the road.

Animated graphic of a cat runningNot all animals can be taken across borders, but within your own native country, pets can travel just about anywhere it is safe for humans. Make sure that your pet is well-trained and disciplined, accustomed to a collar or harness and a leash, and potty trained. If the animal becomes separated from their human partner, ensure the pet is trained to respond to his or her name and is properly marked with tags and identity markers, such as computer chips inserted under the skin. Put a current photograph and description of the animal, along with health records, in your traveling papers, just in case. And for the sake of the animal, make sure he or she visits a vet frequently and all vaccinations are up-to-date and appropriate for the environment you will be traveling in, such as flea and tick preventive treatments.

Along with the help of his human partners, Toshi has put together some articles to help his fellow traveling pets get along on the road.

Dahni, the blind traveling cat in a rented motorhome in Spain, photograph by Lorelle Vanfossen

Cat on the Road
When you take your life on the road, you often take your pets with you. Cats are great traveling companions and this article talks about training and preparing your pet to ride in a car.
Lessons Learned from Dahni, the Eyeless Wonder Cat
Against our better judgement, Dahni, the eyeless wonder cat, came into our lives. We share a little of his story and the lessons we’ve learned from him.
Dahni is Famous!
The Israel national children’s magazine, Ma’Ariv, did a story about our Dahni, the eye-less wonder cat. Brent has translated the article and we’ve posted it here for your enjoyment.
Traveling Temperatures
The extreme temperatures of hot and cold affects your pets, too. Here is some information to help keep your pet safe from the changing weather and temperatures while you travel.
Pets and Vets on the Road
Caring for your pet and visiting vets on the road.
Keeping Your Pet Fit on the Road
graphic of cat sleeping on fenceTraveling changes the activity schedule of most pets, catching walks and play time when there is a lull in the human’s activities. We offer some tips and information on keeping your pet healthy with exercise on the road.
Lost and Found:
How to keep track of your pet on the road and how to find a lost pet and still keep your sanity.
A Place to Sleep
Ideas and tips on creating a comfy bed for your pet while you travel.

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