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Internet Tips and Tricks Shortcuts

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Editing Shortcuts Movements
Copy Ctrl + C Go to your Home page ALT+HOME
Paste Ctrl + V Move to the beginning of a document HOME
Cut Ctrl + X Move to the end of a document END
Select from the cursor Shift + Arrow Move between Windows ALT+TAB
Selects ALL Ctrl + A Scroll toward the beginning of document UP ARROW
Scroll toward the end of a document DOWN ARROW
Browser Command Shortcuts Scroll toward the beginning PAGE UP
Stop Loading Web Page Escape Key Scroll toward the end PAGE DOWN
Help F1 Go to the next page in a series SHIFT+TAB
Address “Menu” F4 Go to the previous page in the series ALT+LEFT ARROW or
Select Address Line F6 Display a shortcut menu for a link SHIFT+F10
Activate a selected link ENTER Move forward between frames CTRL+TAB or F6
Open the Search bar CTRL+E Move back between frames SHIFT+CTRL+TAB
Open the Favorites bar CTRL+I Move back through the items on a Web page,
the Address bar, and the Links bar
Open the History bar CTRL+H Move forward through the items on a Web
page, the Address bar, and the Links bar
Full Page View (F11 to return) F11
Refresh the current Web page F5 or CTRL+R Addresses/Favorites/History
Refresh (Forced) CTRL+F5 Add the current page to your favorites CTRL+D
Go to a new web page or open
new file
Display a list of addresses you’ve typed F4
Open a new window with same
web page
CTRL+N Move the cursor left to the next logical break in
the address (period or slash)
Close the current window CTRL+W Move the cursor right to the next logical break
in the address (period or slash)
Save the current page CTRL+S Add “www.” to the beginning and “.com” to text
typed in the Address bar
Select the text in the Address bar ALT+D
Open the Organize Favorites dialog box CTRL+B
Search Functions Move selected item up in the Organize Favorites dialog box ALT+UP ARROW
Find on this page CTRL+F Move selected item down in the Organize
Favorites dialog box
Repeat original search F3 In History/Favorites bars, open multiple folders CTRL+click
Page/Print Display
Zoom out/Zoom in ALT +/- Display the previous page to be printed ALT+LEFT ARROW
Display a list of zoom
ALT+Z Type page number you want displayed ALT+A
Print the current page CTRL+P Display the next page to be printed ALT+RIGHT ARROW
Set printing options and print ALT+P Display the last page to be printed ALT+END
Display the first page to be
ALT+HOME Change paper/page format for page ALT+U


Israel Travel Resources

Great Internet Resources

There are so many different resources on the Internet, it’s hard to list just a few. The following are some unique and outstanding websites.

Media and Reading Material

There are many books, newspapers, magazines, and a whole variety of reading material on the Internet. I download many books from the Internet to read on my handheld computer.

Dictionaries and References

Find the right word or finding out what a word means is no longer a hunt through the shelves for the dictionary. Here are just a few of the many dictionaries available online.

Translations and International Resources

As the Internet’s abilities grow, the ability to translate any page on the Internet into one of many different languages is almost here. Until we get there, here are a few translation and international resources that may help you.

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