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Travel Tools and Tips

We’ve included a few tools here to help you with your travels. We’ve covered just about everything from calculating mileage to the distance between international locations and airports. We’ve even added some computations for you to estimate how fast you would travel if speed-of-light travel were possible. See, we give you everything. Enjoy these handy helpers to keep you up-to-date on the road.

We’ve also put together a variety of international conversions to help you “measure” your way around the world. We really thought you would enjoy comparing your travel speed to the speed-of-light! Click here to go to the page with these great tools. Enjoy.

This page uses JAVASCRIPT so if your browser is not up-to-date, these may not work.

We’re sorry, but in order to view the travel helpers on this page, you must be able to view javascripts. If you need information similar to what we feature here, there are many sites on the Internet to help you. Use an Internet Search Engine and use the keywords: ESTIMATING TIME, WORLD TIME, WORLD CLOCKS, INTERNATIONAL MEASUREMENTS, INTERNATIONAL CONVERSION, MPG, KPL, MILES PER GALLON, KILOMETERS PER LITER, SUNRISE AND SUNSET TIMES, TRAVEL HELPERS…

We have a lot of information to share about traveling, so check some of the other pages for more. Thanks for visiting!

World Time

This JavaScript routine displays your current system time, local city date and time, Greenwich Mean Time (GMT), and the local date and time for another city of your choice.

Your Sytem Time:

 Greenwich Mean Time:

Time Of Selected City:

Air Travel Distance

Do you know how far it is from one USA airport to another? How about between international cities? The following two tools calculate statute miles, nautical miles, kilometers, and airport codes for you.

USA Airport Calculator


Air Distances between Selected World Cities

Starting City

Destination City

Instructions: Select starting city at left, destination at right. Or, if you are feeling particularly contrary today, vice versa. Then GET DISTANCE button.


Miles Per Gallon Estimater

Miles Driven: mi.
Gallons of Gas: gal
Cost per Gallon (USD): $
Miles per Day:
~ Mi. per Gal.
$ per month
$ per year

The more I traveled the more I realized that fear makes strangers of people who would be friends.
Shirley MacLaine, “Don’t Fall off the Mountain,” 1970

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