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Links and Resources on Nature Photography, Travel, Israel, and Life on the Road

We currently have more than 2000 links within our almost 500 web pages articles. That’s a lot to keep track of. We want to give you as much information as possible related to the many topics we cover on our web site, so we have a lot of external links to help you.

We try to keep these as current as possible, so if you find a link that isn’t working, please let us know so we can update our information as soon as possible.

Photography equipment, accessories, groups and clubs, nature photographers, chat groups, emailing lists, discussion groups, supplies, nature photography-oriented tours, and a variety of photographic resources are listed here.
Creativity, Inspiration and Motivation
Inspiration, motivation, and ideas can come from anywhere. We enjoy giving you lots of resources to help you expand your vision and knowledge and to explore new possibilities, new worlds, if you like. Museums, galleries, and more are available on the Internet today. Traveling to these locations is exciting, but if you can’t get there, many musuems and galleries offer virtual tours.
Nature Subjects
Mammals, insects and herptiles, plants and flowers, birds, fish and whales, weather, other nature subjects, nature in israel, natural history museums, national and outdoor associations, nature-oriented publications and information, and government environmental/nature and related agencies are all found within our nature links and resources.
As full-time travelers living on the road, we have gathered a lot of information about communications and staying in touch on the road, travel resources, travel gear and equipment, and various nature destinations in the US and Canada, and throughout Europe, the Middle East and elsewhere in the world.
Living in Israel and exploring the rest of the world from here for the past 4 years, we’ve learned a lot about the country of Israel, its people, places and history. Brent is now fluent in Hebrew, too. We have links and resources on regional information and maps, tours and exploring Israel, tourist information and immigration, nature in Israel, other items of note related to Israel, interesting links about Jews, Judiasm and being Jewish, and the Hebrew language.
Recreational Vehicle Experiences and Living on the Road
With our home on the road and on our back, we know the RV life very well, We have a ton of links and resources about living in a recreational vehicle, shopping for a recreational vehicle, RV clubs and associations, working on the road, and a variety of RV gadgets and technology to help you on the road.
Internet and the World Wide Web
We’ve been working on the Internet for over 15 years, and Lorelle was one of the first nature photographers with a regular column in a webzine, so we know the Internet. We recently decided to share some of that knowledge and experience with others, and we have a ton of links and resources dealing with the Internet, web page design, web site development, web page validation, and designing web pages and web sites for search engines.
Link Exchanges
We’ve been really honored to have a lot of other web sites feel our site is important enough to link to, and when we can, we return the favor. These sites are closely related to our site, with similar content and subject matter, and have to pass our test for compatibility, content value, and solid design. Take a look and visit some worthwhile people doing great things.