with Lorelle and Brent VanFossen

Personal Safety in the Outdoors and While Traveling Workshop in Tel Aviv

DATE: September 2002
SUBJECT: Travel Safety is a Priority

ESRA – English Speaking residents Association
“Volunteering Together for the Community”
PO Box 5816, Herzliya 46157

Traveling Safe is a Priority

Tel Aviv, Israel – New York, London, Prague, Geneva, Singapore, Hong Kong, for most, these large city names fill them with ecstacy, foreign and exciting lands just waiting to be explored. For others, it brings fear of crowded buses and subways, pickpockets, muggings, and even darker visions of violent attacks by strangers. Traveling through foreign countries is exciting, and part of the excitement is the risk you are taking.

The risks involved in traveling consist of often staying in places you’re not familiar with, moving about in an area you are unfamiliar with, finding directions to locations, accepting the help of strangers, and learning to trust them and your instincts to keep you safe. ESRA-Raanana (English Speaking Residents Association) presents veteran traveler and self-defense instructor, Lorelle VanFossen, for an evening program on how to protect yourself while traveling called “Personal Safety for Travelers” on Thursday, 17th October 2002, from 19:00 – 22:00, in Raanana.

Mrs. VanFossen’s unique programme is designed to give the traveler more confidence in his/her ability to explore the world with a greater sense of freedom and security. She will offer a wide range of tips and techniques to enhance your personal safety. The program will include discussion and exhibition of physical and verbal resistance techniques, planning and prevention, and specific things you can do before you leave home to help you feel safer.

Mrs. VanFossen has been teaching self-defense to women for over 15 years, beginning in Seattle with the world renown self-defense and sexual assault prevention education association, Alternatives to Fear. She has taught programs across the United States and in Israel. The techniques are easy to learn, easy to remember, and can be done by anyone, of any age or physical condition, which is why the program is so successful.

With so many of us traveling around the world frequently, take time out of your busy schedule to join us in this fun and exciting program in Raanana. Cost: NIS 35; ESRAcards NIS 30. Registration: Ita 09-748 2957.

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For more information on who the VanFossens are and what are they doing as they take their camera on the road, visit their Doing Zone.

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