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CSS Book Recommendations

We’ve shown you some of our CSS experiments and tips and tricks like playing with text, borders, displaying your photography, pull-quotes and blockquotes, lists and menus, logos, and more.

We included a list of resources from which we learned to do a lot of these CSS experiments and CSS designs, and here are a list of books we recommend and encourage you to get to help you to start from the beginning with your web page layout and design (we wish we had started with them!) or to help you go further in your CSS and HTML web page designs.


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  • […] As nature and travel photographers, we are always looking for interesting ways to showcase and display our photographs, whether on their own in a gallery display online or within our articles. These are some examples of the experiments with CSS design that we’ve been working on to showcase and display our photography. As with all experiments, these are overcoded and may not work exactly the same on all browsers. We do our best to make sure our CSS and HTML meets web standards compliance, but not all browsers are equal. Test these thoroughly to make sure they withstand the rigors of your design needs.CSS Experiments CSS Book Recommendations […]

  • […] CSS Book Recommendations […]

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