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Search Engine Directories and Indexes

In general, website lists like directories and indexes require manual submission for inclusion, and many require an inclusion fee. We’ve tried to list the ones that are free or inexpensive here. Like specialty search engines and directories, these are usually very specific in the website information they highlight, so be sure and read the fine print and check the requirements and criteria for inclusion before submission.

These directories often come and go frequently, so if you find the link to the directory is bad, please let us know so we may keep this page updated. Thanks.


To help you with your web page submissions, we’ve included this listing of special directories, as well as lists for the top search engines, specialty search engines and directories, Website award submission sites, and we even have a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet which combines all these lists into one easy-to-use layout form for downloading.

For more information on how to prepare your Website and web pages for submission to search engines and directories, take time to read our article series on web page validation and preparation for search engine submissions. We also have listed extensive information in our article series on web page design to help you create the best possible “search engine friendly” and user-friendly website.

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