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Website Development and Design Form

Complete the following questions to the best of your ability. The answers are not final and can be changed at any time during the process of developing and designing your Website.

Company Information

Company Name:




Phone:   Fax:  
Cell:   Email:  
Owner Name:   Phone:  
Website Support:   Phone:  

Business Type:


Industry Type:


Related Industries/Businesses (type):


Business/Company Description:


Business/Company Characteristics:


Website Name Requests

Domain Name Extension (Choose One):

☐ .com (business) ☐ .biz (business) ☐ .co._ _ (country code) ☐ .org (professional organization)
☐ .edu (professional education) ☐ .info (information) ☐ .net (network) Other: __________

Website names are based upon availability. Please list at least four possible name configurations for your Website name, i.e. cameraontheroad.com, cameraroad.com, cameraandtheroad.com, cameraandroad.com.

1. 3.
2. 4.


Will you allow advertising on your Website? ☐ Yes ☐ No

If yes, which companies will be advertising on your Website? (Include contact information)


Do you want your Website to pay for itself through web page interaction, such as hosting ads from Google or Yahoo search engines? ☐ Yes ☐ No


List all the business and industries categories related to your business?


What business/industries are similar or related to your company? (This information is used to check how competitors and related businesses promote themselves on the web and what tools and resources they use.)


Who is your competition? (Industries and specific companies)



Is it important to your Website to include a resume or history? ☐ Yes ☐ No

If yes, please describe:


Weblog, Journal, Online Diary, or Newsletter  

Will your site need a regularly updated weblog, journal, online diary, or newsletter? ☐ Yes ☐ No

Describe purpose and frequency:



Who is your audience? Be as specific as possible.

Average Age(s): ________________________

Average Income: ________________________

Average Characteristics (description):


What reasons do they choose your business?


How do they choose your business?


Why do they choose you and not someone else?


What makes your business unique?


Other details or characteristics about your audience:



Visitors have typical questions and inquiries regarding your business. The following will assist you in developing your Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for your Website.

Product Line Description:




Office Hours:




Driving Directions:


Payment Type Accepted:

☐ Cash ☐ Checks ☐ MasterCard ☐ Visa
☐ Discover ☐ AmEx ☐ Diners Club Other:

Turn Around Time:


Appointment/Reservations Required: ☐ Yes ☐ No

Other inquiries specific to your business:


your Website in their database.

website?(Single words and one to three word phrases – Minimum 25)


Link and Link Exchanges

Provide a list of the Websites your Website should link to:


Provide a list of Websites likely to link to your Website:


Search Engines and Directories

List the specific search engines and directories your site should be listed on:


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