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CNN.com – World News: Election Watch

Traveling around the world, it’s important to stay up-to-date on all kinds of information about your destinations, including travel warnings, medical news, weather, and the local politics. CNN.com – World News: Election Watch features the dates and information about elections all over the world.

As seen recently in the Ukraine, elections can turn violent or at least may interfere with your scheduled plans while traveling. While we were in Spain and other countries in Europe, the protests against the war in Iraq and elections have interferred with our plans, causing us to avoid cities where the protests were predicted to be large, and changing times for visiting certain places and using transportation.

Recently in Amsterdam, we planned an outing around a protest involving over 200,000 people coming from all over the country to Amsterdam to protest about the reduction in the rights and services for seniors, missing the crush on the subway and train systems. Keep informed as to what is going on around you as you travel and you’ll be much safer and happier.

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