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I Got Cold Weather

This is the weather for RIGHT NOW from Weather.com in Mobile:

Current Conditions for Mobile, AL 36605
Cloudy Feels Like 21F
UV Index: 0 Low
Dew Point: 28F
Humidity: 82%
Visibility: 10.0 miles
Pressure: 30.13 inches and rising
Wind: From the North at 21 gusting to 30 mph

Mobile Forecast
As reported at Mobile Downtown, AL, Dec 23 08:53 a.m. CT

It rainned buckets yesterday, so much so fast and for so long that our trailer awning started to bow a little under the down pour. I finally went out and raised up one corner another notch (the top) and lowered the other end a notch and the water came exploding off in a waterfall. I was “in” the rain (out from the cover of the awning) for less than 15 seconds and was totally drenched. I loved it.

The rain finally gave up by late evening and the temperature, hovering around 50 most of the day, shot up to 65. It was so warm in the trailer that we opened up the front door and most of the windows not still covered by interior storm windows. I kicked off most of the blankets when I crawled into bed, it was just that warm.

About two in the morning, the trailer shuttered and the awning snapped as huge gusts of wind hit the side of the trailer. We waited, watching and wondering, and after the third shutter and snapping sound of the canvas of the awning, Brent moved first, crawled out of bed (and over the cat who decided it was time to bite and play) and got dressed. He went out and closed the awning up, stripped and jumped back into bed (again battling the cat who wanted to play finger grab and swat).

About five in the morning, I woke up freezing. While debating about what to do about it, Brent sat up and started pulling back on the heavy blankets and sleeping bag, I so wisely mailed to us in Tulsa knowing we didn’t have any thing else warm enough for the cold of Tulsa in winter, little realizing it would be cold (thank goodness) in Mobile, Alabama. I closed the window nearest me and snuggled in, chilled all over. Brent pulled me as close as possible and whispered, “Closer.” I think our bodies were already glued together in the effort to keep warm, but I pressed even harder against him.

Kohav climbed into her cushy bed which I pulled under the covers with me, so I was surrounded and she was happy and warm.

When Brent finally reluctantly climbed into the cold in the morning, he reported the temperature was 33, one step above freezing. It had dropped 30 degrees in just a few hours. Amazing.

Ordinarily the cold wouldn’t bother me, but the shock of it was a bit much. I’m trying to chase cold drafts right now through the trailer and close up windows and cracks, debating on bringing the water filters and hoses inside. It’s been three hours since Brent got up and the temperature hasn’t changed a smidge.

I love it. Now where is the frost and snow?
Mobile, Alabama

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