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Israel Plastic Surgery Ability in the News

In an interesting story on WorldNetDaily, Yushchenko to be treated in Israel with plastic surgery to “fix” his poisoned face. Interesting.

This is one of the most fascinating ongoing issues in the world politics that still impresses me. When the Egyptian head honcho had back problems, he went to Germany to be treated. Clearly there was 1) no one qualified to care for him in his own country, or 2) he doesn’t trust anyone in his own country – even doctors.

For decades, Palestinians within the territories and as refugees have become doctors all over the world, and some of the world’s specialists claim to be Palestinians. So why is it that Arafat couldn’t be treated in his own “country” or one of the nearby Middle Eastern countries with tons of medical experts? Ah, it’s better outside your own neck of the woods.

This is the true story for the rich, famous, and politically powerful when they get sick. They can pick and choose to go where they want, and I see a lot of them choosing to go outside their territory.

Ukrainian presidential candidate Viktor Yushchenko has every right not to trust anyone in his country or a country closely aligned with Russia, but there are plastic surgery experts in Germany, France, England, Spain, and the United States. But no, he’s going to Herzliya, Israel, for his medical treatment.

Continuing to find a way to walk, Christopher Reeves came to Israel to bring attention and interest to the country’s cutting edge development and research into stem cell research and nerve regeneration. His motivation for going to Israel was clear – they are the only ones publicly moving forward with research and technology that will help him. The religious right are stamping down on such research and development in the US, while acting like they aren’t. Trust me, they are. So he went there because it was the only place to go.

But Yushchenko can go anywhere. Interesting that he choose Israel.
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