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Looking at various web page designs, I stumbed upon a site with a listing of MacGyver Episodes.

For those who don’t know, MacGyver was a long running and popular television series in the US that is now in syndication around the world about a spy – detective – cia – fbi – something – like – that guy who is sent out to save the world, and a few people while he’s at it, from the evils out there. Now, this is no different from any of the million other television plots out there. What makes MacGyver different is that he is some kind of genius who can make anything out of anything and make it work, and save the world while he is at it.

Sure, you can take two sticks and rub them together to start a fire, but it will take you a few months of rubbing to get anything happening. MacGyver travels all over the world doing his rescue business and uses whatever is at hand to do more than just start a fire with a couple of sticks.

I’ve only seen a few episodes and enjoyed them, and I’m a serious fan of Stargate, the next major series that MacGyver’s star, Richard Dean Anderson, went into, so I thought I’d check out this episode listing.

I about fell off my chair.

Condensed down to a sentence or two, each plot is a work of art when it comes to surreal and hysterically funny stuff.

MacGyver fights for his life against an army of ants in the sweltering jungles of South America with the following homemade tools: created an arc welder out of jumper cables, a generator and two half-dollars; made a flame thrower out of a hose, metal pipe and gasoline; and built an ant-repellent suit out of a melted garden hose spread on across a net.

When I think of all the quickie solutions I’ve had to come up with to solve a problem while I’ve been traveling….I’ve led a sheltered life. Why didn’t I think of melting a garden hose and spreading it across a net to protect myself and the trailer from a massive invasion of ants in Florida? And when our generator had its problems, why didn’t I look for some coins? Come on, Lorelle, you are seriously slacking in your travel abilities.

Anyway, if you want a giggle, read through some of these condensed verisons of the episodes and have a good laugh trying to figure out how in the hell he diffuses a bomb on a ship by having a robot open a refrigerator to grab eggs and turning a cargo net into a rappel line.

It is worth the giggles.
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