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Microsoft’s Customer Support is on the Clock

In 2002, Microsoft set deadlines for support on its software. They have a chart showing the dates of the product life for customer support on their site on their deadline chart if you are interested. It seems that Windows XP Pro retires their mainstream support on December 31, 2006, and their extended support on December 31, 2011.

By the way, twice a year (unless we are going on an extended trip or moving) in April and November we review all our software and hardware and look for updates. Some of our computer programs automatically update themselves where there is a new version or update available, which I like because it takes the work and hunt away. Those that don’t, we go through our list (you are keeping a list of all your software and hardware installed as you install it, right?) and start upgrading. If a paid version is due, depending upon how much we use it, we will upgrade for a fee every other year or more, learning to save money while living with the previous version. This is unless the upgrade is a major improvement.

Upgrading your software and hardware regularly is like getting a tune-up or oil change and lube on your vehicle. Every 10,000 miles whether you need it or not keeps it running on track.

Just thought you should know.
Mobile, Alabama

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