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Updating the Look of the Blog

I haven’t finished the process, but you should see some visual changes in the look of my online journal. I finally took a few hours and did some much needed fixing, adding some bells and whistles and taking away others. I’ve changed the colors and improved the overall look a little.

This is all part of my process of learning how PHP works, since the blog is coded with PHP. I also call it trial by fire.

It keeps me busy while the weather radio alert goes off warning of horrible thunderstorms, water spouts, and the possibility of tornados coming in off the sea and heading towards us. It seems that while inches of rain fell on us this morning, turning the campground into a soupy lake, most of the storms hit New Orleans and moved past and above us. From northern Mississippi, Arkansas, Kentucky and further north, snow is coming down in droves. Some areas will have two feet (.75 meters). I’m jealous about that. I haven’t had a white Christmas since…well, I can’t remember. We often got snow on Thanksgiving in Washington State and rarely on Christmas, so I can’t even remember the last time I had a white Christmas.

I think the last time I experienced snow was in the Czech Republic last year….or was that earlier this year. Oh, dear, the brain is going….

So might as well go back to computer programming so I can do more harm!
Mobile, Alabama

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