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Alternatives to Fear – Israel – Rape Resources

While living in Israel for five years, Lorelle taught courses on personal safety and self defense for women. The following is a list of resources specifically for Israel and including other international resources for rape, sexual assault, domestic violence, women’s shelters, violence against women, and how to get help.

Information Resources

The following resources are subject to change. They are for your information only.

As of February 2002

Israel National Rape Crisis Hotline 1202
Israel Battered Women’s Hotline: 1-800-22-0000
From anywhere in the country and it automatically connects the caller to the closest rape crisis center hotline.

Israel Local Resources

L.O. – Combat Violence Against Women
P.O.B. 5941 Herzliya 46101
Fax: 09-9551022
24 hr Toll Free Line: 1-800-353-300
Women: 09-9505720, Children/Youth: 09-9518927

Association for Violence Against Women
P.O. Box 313, Nazareth, Israel
(06) 655-3781 Fax: (06) 646-2138

Child Abuse Hotline 04-855-6611

The Crisis Center for Religious Women
Post Office Box 43092, Jerusalem 95400
E-mail: ccrw@netvision.net.il
Hot Line: 02-655-5744/5
or message on 24-hour beeper service;
ask for extension 23912 at all numbers:
02-629-4666 03-610-6666
04-830-6666 04-627-8866

Israel Nationwide Shelters and Support Services

Many shelters and other groups offer a wide range of support services including victim aid, medical and health care, legal services, and education programs.

Beit Noam: The Noam Association for the Prevention of Domestic Violence
P.O. Box 696, Ra’anana 93104
Phone: 09-7430478 or 09-7430358 Fax: 09-7430471
E-mail: beit_noam@usa.net or beitnoam@netvision.net.il
web site: www.ahava.com/beit_noam

Mevo Satum: Opening Up the Dead End for the Aguna
P.O. Box 8712, Jerusalem 91086

WIZO – Israel: Department for the Status of Women and Legal Advice Bureaux
38 David Hamelech Boulevard, Tel Aviv
Phone: 03-6923791/2 Fax: 03-6923796

WIZO – Hotlines for Battered Women
03-5461133 02-6514111
07-6376310 08-8550506
Hotline: volunteer support during the day and during the night by an answering machine.
web site: www.wizo.org


Maslan: Negev Women’s Support Center
P.O. Box 904, Beer Sheva 84701
Tel/Fax: 07-6279245


The Haifa Battered Women’s Hotline
Phone: 853-0161 Fax: 851-1954
Toll-free in Israel: 1-800-22-0000
E-mail: hbhw@netvision.net.il

The Haifa Rape Crisis Center
Phone: 853-0531 Fax: 853-0568
E-mail: hrcc@netvision.net.il

The Haifa Women’s Coalition
47 Hillel Street, Haifa 33727, Israel
Phone: 853-0159 Fax: 851-1954
E-mail: hwc@netvision.net.il

Isha L’Isha – Haifa Feminist Center
Phone: 853-0159 Fax: 851-1954
E-mail: Ishaisha@netvision.net.il


The Center for Family in the Orthodox Community, Ma’ayonot
HaOsher – Municipality of Jerusalem, Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs Phone: 02-5376696

Center for Personal Social Emergency, Department of Welfare
Phone: 02-6256202 / 02-6231370 / 02-6231452

Emergency Residences for Women: "Bat Meleen" for Orthodox Women
Phone: 02-5376696

Koh Ha-Isha (Woman’s Voice): Jerusalem Women’s Center
Phone: 02-6222455 E-mail: kolisha@netmedia.net.il


Glickman Center for the Prevention of Violence in the Family
Phone: 03-649-2469/70

Legal Issues

Jewish Law Center: Information on legal decisions and commentary on Jewish law for the US and the Jewish State. Includes information on Jewish divorce and child custody: http://www.jlaw.com/Commentary/

WIZO – Israel: Department for the Status of Women and Legal Advice Bureaux
38 David Hamelech Boulevard, Tel Aviv
Phone: 03-6923791/2 Fax: 03-6923796
web site: www.wizo.org

Mevo Satum: Opening Up the Dead End for the Aguna
P.O. Box 8712, Jerusalem 91086

NA’AMAT Movement of Working Women and Volunteers
93 Arlozoroff Street, Tel Aviv 62098
Phone: 03-6921905 Fax: 03-6912979
Provides crisis intervention, legal assistance, and support services for support and prevention of Family Violence.

Women’s Center for Legal Aid and Counseling
Dahyat Al-Darid intersection
Hirbawi Building, Third Floor
PO Box 54262, Jerusalem 91516
Phone/Fax: 02 574-0172
Email: wclac@netvision.net.il

Knesset Committee on the Status of Women
Kiryat Ben-Gurion, Room413
Jerusalem 91950
02-675-3436Fax: 02-675-3789
Committee Secretary: Dana Gordon
Chairperson: Yael Dayan

Knesset Committee on Constitution, Law and Justice
Kiryat Ben-Gurion, Room117
Jerusalem 91950
02-675-3155Fax: 02-675-3199
Committee Secretary: Dorit Vag
Chairperson: Amnon Rubinstein
Coalition Leader: Yossi Katz

Internet Resources

Government Agencies

(International & US)

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