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Apologies to Non-Internet Explorer Users

After preaching for years about web standards and compliance, when setting up the CSS style sheet for my new online blog called “Journal Thoughts”, I skipped a few little details. So I apologize for those of you NOT using Microsoft Internet Explorer to view my site. In my attempts to force Internet Explorer to do what I wanted it to do, I skipped one code in my style sheet which made the menu to the right totally and completely screw up.

I’m working on converting the entire site to PHP and MySQL with WordPress, and then I will fix it up so it is viewable for everyone.

My sincerest apologies for making it difficult to view my blog.

And for those of you still using Microsoft Internet Explorer, consider upgrading for free, and improving the overall enjoyment of surfing the next by downloading and installing FireFox Internet Browser. You will be glad you did.

Get Firefox!

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