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Doing a Linda Blair in Exorcist Impression

Apologies to all for the long time in posting. I have tons to tell you about but right now, I’m working on my impression of Linda Blair in The Exorcist. My head hasn’t stopped spinning around in circles since arriving in Seattle just over a week ago.

Five days spent “spending time” with my hyperactive mother, working on her rentals, chasing errands all over the countryside, and having little or no quiet time with her or with ANYTHING, the world is a blur as my head spins off its neck.

I took her to the airport on the weekend to fly with her husband to Sun Valley for a week or skiing (didn’t she just have serious back surgery…nothing stops this woman) which should have left me free. Details to come but I’ve been going all over to see friends and family, including a whole day with my father chasing down his genealogy, and let me give you a hint of writings to come – I come from a seriously pitiful and disgusting family line. Maybe it is the stuff of novels – cheap novels – but it doesn’t give me much hope for the descendents when the ancestors are seriously squirrley. Oh, I have lots of spills and chills to tell you about.

I have more friends to see and some more business with the family property I’m inheriting (pre-inheriting, taking over – whatever it is) and I’ll be home in about a week and a half.

Apologises to all for not promptly responding to emails and such. I barely have time to fall asleep before I’m up and out of the house. Soon, the stories will flow!

Seattle, Washington

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