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Basic Nature Photography Chapter 10 – Resources and Support Materials

The following is a list of support materials, books and guides to assist you in your search and in photographing nature. For a more comprehensive listing, check out our web site bookstore and book recommendations.


Inspiration comes from anywhere. When it comes to inspiring us with natural images, these are the books that leap from our shelves.

John Shaw

  • Nature Photography Field Guide (formerly known as The Nature Photographer’s Guide to Professional Field Techniques)
  • Close-ups in Nature
  • Focus on Nature
  • Business of Nature Photography: A Professional’s Guide to Marketing and Managing a
    Successful Nature Photography Business

Fredric Lehrman

  • The Sacred Landscape

Freeman Patterson

  • Photography for the Joy of It
  • Photography of Natural Things
  • Photography and the Art of Seeing
  • Portraits of Earth
  • Shadowlight: A Photographer’s Life
  • Photographing the World Around You: A Visual Design Workshop

William Neill

  • Landscapes of the Spirit
  • By Nature’s Design (An Exploratorium Book)
  • The Color of Nature (An Exploratorium Book)
  • Yosemite: The Promise of Wildness

Galen Rowell

  • Mountain Light: In Search of the Dynamic Landscape

Bryan Peterson

  • Learning to See Creatively
  • Understanding Exposure
  • People in Focus

Art Wolfe

  • Light on the Land
  • The Kingdom: Wildlife in North America
  • Pacific Northwest: Land of Light and Water
  • Alaska
  • The Art of Photographing Nature, with Martha Hill

National Wildlife Federation

  • Patterns in the Wild
  • Colors in the Wild

Bruce Heineman

  • The Art of Nature: Reflections on the Grand Design

Robert Bateman

  • Robert Bateman: Natural Worlds

Laurie Campbell

  • Guide to Bird and Nature Photography

Lisl Dennis

  • Traveler’s Eye

Gary Braasch

  • Photographing the Patterns of Nature
  • Entering The Grove
  • Secrets of the Old Growth Forest

Joe McDonald

  • The New Complete Guide to Wildlife Photography: How to Get Close and Capture Animals on
  • African Wildlife: A Portrait of the Animal World

Nevada Weir

  • Adventure Travel Photography

Tim Fitzharris

  • Wild Bird Photography: National Audubon Society Guide
  • Nature Photography: National Audubon Society Guide
  • Nature Photography Hotspots: Where to Find Them, When They’re at Their Best, How to
    Approach Them

Peter Burian

  • National Geographic Photography Field Guide: Secrets to Making Great Pictures

Boyd Norton

  • The Art of Outdoor Photography

Watchable Wildlife Series

  • Produced by Falcon Press, this series covers most of the 50 states highlighting the best places and times to see wildlife

Links and Resources

We have more photography oriented links on our Links and Resources pages to help you improve the quality of your photography and find inspiration and motivation.

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