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Urban Legends: Lightning Telephone Deaths

Still recovering from a lightning strike nearby that blew out several of the computers in the campground, our WIFI and cable modem, and my telephone, even though all of these things were unplugged though connected via cable and phone lines, a friend thought that I needed some cheering up and sent me this: Urban Legends Reference Pages: Horrors (Lightning Telephone Deaths).

It is true that lightning can kill and does kill. According to this, 73 people are killed, on average, every year by lightning. Annually, one person is killed or injured while talking on the phone during a lightning strike every year.

Okay, so we are now warned. Disconnect the phone, cable, network connections, turn off everything, and STILL use massive surge protection on EVERYTHING including your cable connections, during a storm. I’ve been told by two experts here (phone company tech and comcast tech) that even then, if it strikes close enough and hard enough, anything connected can still be fried, protection or not.

Seems like surge protectors are like condoms. When used right, they still only “might” protect. Live and learn and stay away from lightning.

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