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EOGEN – Encyclopedia of Genealogy

There are plenty of places to find information on researching your roots or family history, some paid and some free, but what about trying to find information about the jargon, terminology, researching in foreign languages, across borders, and just information on how to research? Enter the eogen – Encyclopedia of Genealogy, a free-content encyclopedia created by readers and jammed packed with an ever growing set of articles and resources to help you research your family history.

While it is still in its infancy, it is expanding. Volunteer contributors add material frequently, so you have to check in to see what’s new. According to the man behind the scenes, Dick Eastman:

The Encyclopedia of Genealogy serves as a compendium of genealogical tools and techniques. It provides reference information about everything in genealogy except people. Look to the Encyclopedia of Genealogy to provide explanations of how to look up your family tree, explanations of terms found in genealogy research, including obsolete medical and legal terms. It will describe locations where records may be found. It also will describe how to research Italian, German, Polish, French-Canadian, Jewish, Black, Indian and other ancestors. In short, the Encyclopedia of Genealogy will serve as your standard genealogy reference manual.

If you have an interest in researching your family history and want more information on how to do it, check it out. If you are interested in writing about researching family history techniques and sharing your experiences and technical expertise with others, pay a visit so we can all benefit from your knowledge.

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