with Lorelle and Brent VanFossen

Geneaology Gen File Viewer

Years ago, I ran into my first GEDCOM or GEN file, also known as a genealogy data file. Without the proper software, these files were a challenge to pour through, trying to find some shred of information about my family history and genealogy. With the growing use of open source software, we all benefit and the ability to read GEN files is now simple and easy and free.

GenJ is a viewer and editor for genealogic data written in Java. Free and open source code, it allows you to view genealogy data files or GEN files easily.

Like many open source projects, they are requesting help with the code and development, so if you have the skill and interest, you might consider donating your time and energy to benefit all of us researching our family tree.

And if you really like it, I’m sure they would appreciate a donation to keep the work going.

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