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New Laser Might Revolutionize Photography

The development of the laser seems more like technology limited to weapons or medicine, but there is news that new laser technology might make it’s way photo technology?

New Laser Provides Spectrum Of Sensing Data, an article found recently in Science Daily, explains:

In art, color is information. Just look at a painting by an artist such as Monet: Each uniquely hued brushstroke brings to life a new blade of grass, a leaf, a flower petal, a slice of sky — each a component of the complete picture.

Scientists, too, use color to paint clearer pictures of the things – everything from combustion gases to cancer cells – they study. And as a result of a new laser system that rapidly delivers a pulsed rainbow of colors, those pictures will contain more information than ever before.

Mechanical Engineering Assistant Professor Scott Sanders, affiliated with the UW-Madison Engine Research Center (ERC), developed the system featured in the May issue of Optics and Photonics News.

According to the article, “We can get a lot of information about the subject by monitoring its color-sensitivity,” says Sanders. While this technology may be limited to only using colors to gather information, it may lead to future digital cameras using laser technology to increase their ability to record colors. Who knows where this may lead.

It might be a peek into the future.

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