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The Popularity of Your Last Name

If you haven’t discovered it yet, the Eastman’s Online Genealogy Newsletter and website, and you are into genealogy and family history, check it out.

One recent article brought up the subject of The Popularity of Your Last Name. Part of my research into our family history is tracking down who lived in the household during the US census and how old they were, trying to match dates and places.

According to the most recent census, the U.S. Census Bureau counted how many people have the same first or last names. and this is the top eleven:

  • Smith
  • Johnson
  • Williams
  • Jones
  • Brown
  • Davis
  • Miller
  • Wilson
  • Moore
  • Taylor
  • Anderson

Why eleven? The last one is part of my family research, which gives you an idea of what a challenge researching that part of the family can be.

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