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WordPress Press It Features

Just when I thought I had a handle on most of the bells and whistles of WordPress, I find a new feature.

With every installation of WordPress comes a little gem called Press It. It is a javascript “bookmarklet” found on the Write Post screen in your Admin. It’s at the very bottom. If you click and drag the link to your Link Toolbar in your Internet browser, it will put the javascript on the bar for you to quickly click and use.

Inside of the link is a javascript customized for your site. When visiting a site you want to create a link and post about on your blog or website, just click the link and a window will pop up with either your site’s login or, if you are already logged in, a condensed version of the Write Post screen. Inside will be the title filled out with the title of the website you are visiting (if there is one) and a link in the Editing textarea. You just fill in the text, mark the categories, then save it as a draft or private or publish it.

You can learn more about how to use the Press It in the WordPress Codex.

Today, I learned a new feature of Press It. If you select text on the page and then click Press It, the text you highlighted will be copied and pasted into the post. Wow! That is cool and I love it. What a great feature.

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