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Keyboard of the Future?

Personally, as soon as they restructure the disaster of the layout of normal keyboards into something ergonomic and more intutitive, the computer will be limited. But here is a step in the right direction. Optimus keyboard by Artemy Lebedev has been announced.

This is the design prototype and the finished version is due out in 2006. It features a very low structure with a slight slant and a minimalist look. But the power is what is UNDER the keys not how it looks.

Supposedly it will automatically detect the language you have your computer set for and display those keys on your keyboard. Having used a Hebrew keyboard for the past five years, I can tell you that my touch typing ability was definitely a plus in Israel, until I found an English and Hebrew combined keyboard.

And the keyboard will automatically detect which program you are using and highlight function keys related to that program. Very cool.

Same with games. The keyboard letters and symbols will change to colorful icons, graphics, or words. Very cool.

Definitely a new way to make the computer keyboard more user friendly.

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