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Amazon MIGHT offer a Digital Music Service

Rumors are flying that Amazong might soon announce a Digital Music Service. As major fans of several digital music services, and one of the millions of Amazon associates, we are excited about the possibilties.

Living on the road, especially overseas, the growth in downloadable music, for free through the peer-2-peer (p2p) networks or through paid music downloading services, has been a life saver being so far from our CDs left behind in storage. With the power of Amazon behind a digital music downloading service…well, wow! iTunes might have serious competition.

When we first hit the road, we traveled with about 200 CDs in cases, and they weighed a ton. Life on the road means weighing everything and thinking twice and thrice about how much you need it compared with how much it weights.

Traveling life got a whole lot easier with the advent of digital MP3 players. We turned tons of music weight into MP3 files and now carry our entire music collection on our computer hard drive and listen to it via our 60 gig Creative Labs Zen MP3 Player.

With the direct line input to our truck stereo, or in a rental car with the Belkin FM Portable Music Transmitter, we can listen to hours of music and books on tape packed into about 1/4 pounds instead of 20 pounds of CDs.

Anything that lightens the load makes life easier on the road. And if Amazon does jump into the music downloading business, we’ll be right there with them!

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