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City Blogs for Travelers

According to Bloggers Blog: City Bloggers Keep Conversations Going, there are a lot of blogs now dedicated to specific cities on the Internet.

Bloggers in cities around the United States are organizing to share resources, ideas and stories. The bloggers tend to keep issues and stories going long after they appear on the local TV news or in the local newspapers.

Visiting local oriented blogs, a traveler can learn more about what is going on in the community, what to see and do, and get a feel for a city or area before visiting.

In an article on Poynter Online – Finding Local Blogs, Johnathan Dube provides information to help journalists keep up with local bloggers to monitor what is going on in the community. Some weblog search engines are recommended to help people find local blogs by geographic location, such as Local Blog Digger and FeedMap.

Here is a list of a few of the city blogs we found that may be of interest for the traveler:

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