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Intel and Boeing Connexion Teaming Up to Brand Wireless Hotspots

In a report on Flight Tech Online, Connexion by Boeing and Intel Working to Make Airplanes “Hotspots”, Boeing Connexion, developer of the wireless broadband Internet services being installed on airplanes around the world for passengers to have in-flight wireless access to the Internet with their WIFI devices, is teaming up with Intel’s Centrino mobile technology, to promote branded WIFI hotspots on airplanes and on the ground.

Intel works with wireless service providers to identify and minimize issues related to quality of service, site coverage and down-time that may negatively affect an end user’s experience. The program has verified 103 service providers that operate more than 70,000 hotspots worldwide so far.

The two companies, along with other WIFI hotspot companies, will work together for co-branding and marketing promotions.

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