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Know Before You Go: Tornado and Severe Weather Information

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Escaping the path of Hurricane Dennis led us to the Memphis, Tennessee area. The campground and resort gave every registered person a door knob hanger with instructions on what to do in case of a tornado or severe weather alert or warning. I thought it was worth of posting here since all need to learn how to deal with severe weather conditions as we move from area to area during our travels.

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I’ve edited the information to be more generalized, as the resort provided very specific instructions identifying primary and secondary shelters in the area. Be sure and check with your campground hosts on where the primary and secondary, and other, shelters are in the area so you will know in advance where to go.

Tornado and Severe Weather Information

  • During Severe Weather, please stay tuned to local radio and television stations.Grundig Hand Crank Emergency Radio with Weather Alert
  • It is advised to exit the RV Resort area during Tornado and/or Severe Weather.
  • Determine the closest shelter to the area in which you are staying. Then find a backup shelter, just in case.
  • Prepare an emergency kit with water, basic first aid, books, and snacks for extended stays in shelters. Keep it nearby.
  • During Severe Weather, go to the nearest primary or secondary shelter area for your safety.
  • Do not drive your vehicle or RV during unsafe weather conditions.
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    If unable to get to the shelter in time of emergency weather conditions, emergency shelter can be gained by laying in a ditch, or the lowest elevation available, and covering your head with your hands.
  • A Severe Weather warning siren is available in condjunction with the local Emergency Services Agencies. It is tested the first Wednesday of each week or month at 10 AM or noon, weather permitting, depending upon location.
  • The Severe Weather warning siren is a long siren that may rise in tone but stays steady for one to two minutes. Get to emergency shelters immediately.
  • Unless otherwise instructed, pets are not permitted in emergency shelters.
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  • For additional Severe Weather information and instructions, contact your campground management, local police or sheriff’s department. Do not use 911 emergency services to get information, only to report damage or injuries.

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