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Looks Like We’re in the Path of Hurricane Katrina

path of hurricane katrinaWhile we will be watching closely, I spent long hours last night packing up the inside of the trailer and this morning we’re attacking the outside, replacing the hot water heater that is leaking and packing up to head out. Where? Where else?

Away from the hurricane.

Hurricane Katrina is now pretty much confirmed to be heading our way. It still might push over a little further to the east, which would be good, but the odds are that the push will push it over Mobile, Alabama, even more.

projected computer models of path of hurricane katrinaSo we are getting ready to hook up our house and head out again. I’m voting for due west – Texas. Brent has other ideas. His other ideas took us right into the path of the storm when it followed us north to Memphis with Hurricane Dennis, so maybe I can convince him to move straight west this time.

Unfortunately, he was supposed to be in Atlanta on Monday and Tuesday for a conference meeting, but I think that’s now going to be postphoned.

So we’re debating but the odds look like we’re hitting the road again.

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  • […] On my main site, I first wrote about Hurricane Katrina’s approach on August 24, 2005. By August 26, we knew we were too close to ground zero to stay where we were. We hadn’t unpacked from Dennis, so it wouldn’t take long for us to load things up and leave. So we thought. Then I saw my first real picture of what was coming at us. […]

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