with Lorelle and Brent VanFossen

Know Before You Go: Airline Seat Maps

view of clouds and land outside of airplane window, photograph by Brent VanFossenWhen you are traveling on a bus or train, sometimes you get to pick your seat, but not always. It’s often first come, first serve. But on an airplane, you are assigned a seat and expected to stay there.

Did you know that you can request a seat in advance, if you have a preference, while booking your flight? Not every airline permits this, for a majory of reasons, usually security, but when you can, why not pick your seat in advance?

Want window? Aisle? Front, middle, or back of the plane? If you want a business or first class ticket, well, that’s a different matter, but you can feel like you are first class when it comes to choosing the seat you sit in.

I just wish I could choose who I sit next to.

Many online air flight booking services offer seat maps to help you choose your seat, and here are some other seat map references and resources to help you pick your airplane seat.

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