with Lorelle and Brent VanFossen

Homemade Underwater Viewer

While there are amazing underwater photographers, our underwater photography is fairly limited to aquariums, we still love swimming, snorkeling and diving. We were lucky enough to swim with the dophins in the Red Sea near Eilat, Israel, and spend a lot of time in the nearby Marine Conservatory, and have sought out many aquariums as we travel.

Yet, we know the agony of not being able to travel with our own snorkels, flippers, and masks, so we were delighted to run across this novel instruction for making an underwater viewer called the Waterscope from Instructables.

Basically, you cut a long rectangular section out of a clear plastic 2-liter soda bottle and hold it down in the water for a clearer view of what’s under the surface glare of the water.

This is a simple and easy thing to do while traveling, for yourself or your children. When you are done, throw it away and make another on your next underwater adventure.

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