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Hurricane Wilma Might Knock on Our Door

Yesterday, Brent and I took our first day off since….wait, I’m thinking…well, it was before Hurricane Arlene. And now Tropical Depression Wilma has matched the all time record for named hurricanes. I was hoping there would be a Hurricane Zelda, but it seems that Z-names aren’t recognized by the World Meteorological Organization’s Storm Names (pdf). It seems there aren’t enough X, Y, and Z names to go around to qualify for their list of hurricane names.

So, we took our first day off from hurricane grand central and wandered around the Gulf Shores area of Alabama, taking pictures, walking on the partially destroyed beach, and visiting the Gulf Shore Shrimp Festival. More on that later. We returned home and found that Tropical Depression 20 had turned into Tropical Depression Wilma and some path predictions say it will either head for the Yucatan and Mexico, which also can’t take much more, or come up towards Florida and us in Alabama.

I knew this would happen. Saturday morning reports were that the seas were basically clear and that this little squall near Jamacia would probably turn out to be nothing. So I uncovered my bird feeders and exercise machine from under layers of plastic tied to the back fence behind our trailer where it has been protected from some of the elements since Hurricane Dennis. Brent and I set up the bird and squirrel feeders, and cleaned off the Total Gym – which smelled of rat piss since they had used the plastic it was covered with as a potty, but little actually reached the unit. We brushed off spiders and spider nests and chased away cockroaches 1-2 inches long, and slowly started to return out “backyard” to its winter form.

Sunday we played all day, but slowly as we were tired to the bone from months of stress.

Now, of course, we are watching the weather channel again and checking in with Weather Underground to see if all those bird and squirrel feeders, and patio furniture and planters need to go back under cover and we pack up and run again.

So very, very tired of this.

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