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Unusual Gadgets for the Eccentric Traveler

Okay, I admit it, I’m a gadget freak. I love a good gadget, especially for travel. I’ve found two unusual gadgets that might be of interest to the eccentric traveler.

BrightFeet lighted slippers are slippers from Europe with LED lights built into the sole pointing from the toes with a 25 foot illumination range and non-skid soles. For prowling around in hotel rooms or bed and breakfasts that you aren’t familiar with in the late night, these slippers may do the trick and prevent those famous stubbed toes.

My mother had a hard time with two hyperactive children, so she would tie a clothes line around our waists as leashes. She wasn’t alone and over time, a variety of children leashes have been developed. A new child leash called “Mom-Kid Cares” wireless toddler leash takes children leashes into the twenty-first century. Instead of battling leg strangling leashes as children (or pets) run circles around you, embrace the wonders of wireless technology.

This device is basically a portable version of the ankle bracelets used to keep parolees tethered to their halfway houses, except here mom carries the receiver and junior (whom the website lovingly refers to as “the object”) carries the transmitter; if the two parts are separated by either 4 or 5.5-meters (parent’s choice) a screeching alarm indicates that the little one is out of pocket. So now for under $10 you can finally ditch that leash…

A wireless leash can revolutionize your ability to take your children traveling with you without looking like a control freak or abusive parent.

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